Global digital ad sales will top TV in 2017 pulling $202b- report

Global digital advertising sales will top television advertising in 2017 IPG Magna Global Advertising Forecast reports.

The agency said that digital-based ad sales will become the No. 1 media category next year, reaching a market share of 40% and pulling in $202 billion worldwide.

The agency further said that in a linear comparison, TV ad sales will bring in about $186 billion next year and have a 36% market share.

However, WPP’s GroupM expects TV to remain dominant, predicting that it will hold 41% of the global pie in 2017, while digital ad sales will rise to 33%.

According to IPG Magna, Ad sales which has risen to 5.7% in 2016 and $493 billion worldwide, was the strongest growth since 2010, adding that the pace is expected to slow considerably next year to 3.6% due to economic and political uncertainty, the agency said. That would be the lowest growth rate recorded in 15 years outside of the recession of 2008-2009.

It said that TV ad sales were resilient in 2016, increasing 4% to $186 billion, adding that the agency expects a 0.1% decline in global TV ad sales next year.

“Digital advertising surged 17% to $178 billion this year. By 2021 Magna expects digital ad sales will represent 50% of the market at $299 billion, while TV will plateau at $195 billion and a 33% share. Next year the majority of digital ad sales will be generated by mobile impressions” Magna predicts.



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