Glo named most popular Nigerian brand for 2020

Glo, Nigeria’s second largest telecommunications operator has been acknowledged as Nigeria’s most popular brand in 2020 by Top 50 Brands Nigeria, and the 28th most admired African brand for 2020 in Brand Africa’s annual survey.

HKLM, Africa’s foremost branding agency conceptualized Glo’s original name, positioning, identity and visual language in 2003, overhauling most of these aspects in 2019 to deliver a new visual language that was fresh and dynamic, but still retained the valuable brand equity Glo had garnered over the years.

Gary Harwood, co-founder at HKLM, said it takes a special skill to build indigenous brands rather than coat-tailing big international brands across the continent.

“To do this, you need to get out of your comfort zone and out of the major cities to really understand the market dynamics specific to different countries, different regions and the different cultures within specific countries. Brands are not built overnight; it takes persistence, tenacity and dedication to build a compelling brand capable of standing the test of time.”

He likened the process to constructing a house, beginning with a solid foundation.

“In branding, that foundation is what we at HKLM call the Brand Platform. The single most important part of a brand platform is the brand purpose, which is the deepest expression of why the brand exists. This purpose is then supported by the brand’s vision, values, positioning and personality,” Harwood noted of HKLM’s process of creating award-winning brands.

Glo is a wholly-owned Nigerian telecommunications company, and has been an HKLM client since its inception in 2003. HKLM was instrumental in positioning the brand as ‘proudly Nigerian’, and Glo has been widely recognised as being a major contributor to reinstating Nigeria’s national pride.

Glo’s brand communication celebrates every aspect of Nigerian culture, including sponsoring the national football team, the Super Eagles; celebrating the Nobel Laureate for Literature, Wole Soyinka; and featuring a multitude of Nigerian musicians, actors and comedians in marketing communications to showcase Nigeria’s rich cultural diversity. HKLM has been actively involved in all aspects of Glo’s marketing communication, from its print and digital creative executions to its built environment.


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