Ford to hire people with autism

American automaker, Ford, announced on Wednesday that it will be launching a pilot program to hire people who have autism.

The pilot programme, labeled FordInclusiveWorks, starts on June 1st, and will provide individuals with autism the opportunity to work in Ford’s product development organization. The pilot programme is partnering with Autism Alliance of Michigan to help those with autism gain real-world work experience by participating in an on-site training programme.

Ford stated that the programme will not only benefit those with autism, but will help Ford’s product development team as well. One example of work participants will engage in is logging and preparing tires for test vehicles.

Ford mentioned that this process is extremely detail-oriented and structured, and that many individuals with autism possess the skills needed to perform this particular job.

Ford executive vice president, Raj Nair, said that Ford is committed to making people’s lives better, and transforming Ford into a more diversifying and inclusive workforce.


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