Festival of Marketing launches virtual event to help marketers plan for future

The Marketing Week and Festival of Marketing team have launched a new event theme, ‘Fast Forward’, that will offer insight into what marketers need to help grow their brands and bolster their careers in the years ahead.

The event will take place virtually on 7th to 10th of June and will feature CMOs from Unilever, Nestle Just Eat Amazon, as well as thought leaders, including Rory Sutherland. The aim of the next Festival of Marketing is to give confidence and tools to plan for the challenges that brand, team and career may face in the near future.

The organiser said: “Fast Forward’ will each day tackle a different theme. The first, in partnership with Zone, will explore what is needed to create an experience that delivers for customer and company, the second will look at the steps you need to take to future-proof your brand and marketing strategy; the third, best practice in innovation; and the final day explores the skills and ways of working necessary to improve the effectiveness of marketers and their teams.

“Sessions will be a mix of case studies highlighting best practice, constructive debate on what will and won’t change and analysis of important macro and micro trends. There will also be opportunities to interact with speakers in Q&A sessions and ‘Meet the Speaker’ events.”

The speakers at the next Festival of Marketing include: Global CMO of Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Studios, Ukonwa Ojo, on creating a culture of innovation; Unilever’s chief marketing and digital officer Conny Braams on how the business is tackling digital transformation and changing consumer habits; Rory Sutherland on the path to growth, and Nestlé CMO Aude Gandon on the steps it is taking to ensure its marketing teams have the skills to meet the challenges ahead.

Editor in chief, Marketing Week and Festival of Marketing, Russell Parsons, said: “For many, the disruption caused by the pandemic resulted in a retreat to short-term thinking. More than a year on, and with the vaccine rollout gaining pace; brands are better able to look to the future for themselves and their business.

“Fast Forward will offer a much needed perspective on what the future holds for you, your team and your brand. This isn’t an exercise in specious future gazing but an honest look at what will and won’t change, and how to prepare.”


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