Eyeconic Media Limited brings Schweppes to life in new campaign

By Felicia Nwosu

Today, Nigeria advertising industry, OOH especially, is taking a deeper dive in the exploration and exploitation of digital freedom in its journey to creating an enduring emotional experience and impact for the consumers as well as increase greater market share for its clients.

This new dive was recently employed by Eyeconic Media Limited, a leading Out-of-Home agency in Nigeria, who is leveraging technology and innovation to disrupt and drive change as well as enhance digital transformation in the OOH industry.

The leading agency is looking at the out of home advertising with a different lens that helps its clients to achieve captivating results and entrenched value with its iconic billboard and creative assets through technology. In its recent campaign, Eyeconic displayed its unique creativity by paring a strong iconic brand like Schweppes, with a high- profile location, Osborne in Ikoyi, to create a strong affinity in its journey to delivering dynamic content.

According to Mr. Tayo Osikoya, CEO Eyeconic Media Limited, Eyeconic Media specialises in non traditional forms of OOH advertising otherwise called ‘Ambient Media’ and is leading the way in disruptive ideas that would cause a fundamental change in the relationship between the public and out of Home media.

The story behind the campaign was to bring a new life to the decades-old prestige of the brand, and to stimulate new energy to the loyalty of consumers. The campaign draws from the insight that Schweppes is ever-refreshing and bubbling with life like the water fountain.

With the intention to bringing Schweppes to life, the OOH agency wants consumers to go beyond the artistic or static nature of the billboard, to
having a more of experiential feeling for the brand by feeling, seeing and touching what it is all about and then get inspired buy.

The Schweppes image is gigantic, appealing, glaring and a sight to behold. Well strategically
positioned right at the center of the T-junction between Osborne Road and Gerard Road is the gushing out of life of a living brand, Schweppes in a “tall can”. Standing tall, brave, fresh and elegant with its ingredients and elements well boldly scripted for all to see.

Like a living legend, the Schweppes Can stands in the water fountain, right there in front of Mike Adenuga Centre, with sparing water gushing out all around it, a sign of a brand that is still making statement and remarkable impact in the lives of its consumers. Many consumers referred to the iconic
billboard as a competitive conquest, employed by the agency just to create an emotional and memorable impact on the consumers for loyalty.

Eyeconic has therefore proven that, OOH must not stick to a particular theme by bringing experience out of home. The attention-grabbing, image of the legendary brand captures a story about the bringing to life of a living Schweppes brand, all because of the creative endowment of the agency, Eyeconic Media.

Marketing expert and General marketing manager, MARKETING EDGE Publications, Mr. Anietie Udoh opined that the campaign is all about creating connection and affinity between the brand and its

He said: “The intention behind the campaign is to demonstrate that OOH has gone from statics to deeper and closer experience between consumers and their favourite brand. This also proved that, OOH has shifted from the culture of art to science to resurge the very existence of
Schweppes in order to resonate the brand in the minds of its existing and intending consumers.”

Eyeconic Media Limited is leading the way in outdoor advertising technology with innovative ideas which have caused a positive stir with the emergence of the digital footprint and fundamentally changing the relationship between the public and out-of-home media.

The newly installed billboard has not only caused a buzz in the IMC industry, it has also stirred the interest of the industry; a clear evidence that the OOH is indeed causing a massive scale and impact for consumers and brands alike.


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