Elev8 Media Launches Live Stream on Billboard with UBA Africa Day

Elev8media, an iconic top of the market Digital Billboard platform has successfully partnered with UBA group for the 2nd edition of UBA Africa Day 2020. The YouTube live event which streamed live on Elev8meia’s iconic LED billboard screen, allowed members of the public to share in what was solely an “online” event. With the use of this technology Elev8media was able to demonstrate the link between the online digital world and OOH in Lagos. Elev8media also provided free Wi-Fi at the billboard location for the audience to connect to the internet to listen live to the event.

UBA Africa Conversations is in celebration of Africa Day. The event brought together senior political leaders and policymakers to define an African response to COVID-19.


Tony O Elumelu who is widely acknowledged as one of Africa’s most influential business leaders and philanthropists, Chairman of Heirs Holding and Founder of The Tony Elumelu Foundation moderated a session with Heads of States, private sector and development organization leaders titled “Growth, Jobs and Sustainable Development Amidst a Global Pandemic”.


The introduction of digital media into Out-of-Home advertising practice in Nigeria has undoubtedly transformed the outdoor business from one where carpenters and welders hold sway to one where creativity, capacity and capital are the defining factors for success.

Although the process started in 2008 when the Lagos State Signage and Advertising Agency (LASAA) embarked on an exercise to sanitize the state’s outdoor environment which resulted in many billboards being pulled down by the agency, the widespread adoption of digital media by outdoor advertising agencies is still recent.

Fully realizing the tremendous opportunity that the new outdoor regime in Lagos presented for forward looking entrepreneurs, Elev8 quickly carved a niche for itself by deploying the Elev8 Transit TV to give brands a broader reach within the Lagos metropolis.

Given the metropolitan nature of Lagos and the massive number of people on the roads in the state, the deployment of Elev8 Transit TV, an innovative advertising platform, was indeed a masterstroke. With Elev8 Transit TV, clients have a chance to customize their marketing strategies to target a geographic area which is more cost-effective. And with 70 per cent of the 21 million people in Lagos State relying on public transportation for their movement around the city, exposure on Elev8 Transit TV delivered a massive mileage to brands.

For maximum effect, Elev8 Transit TV partnered with LAGBUS Asset Management Company, T&M Nigeria Limited, Soundcity Music Channel and 1music entertainment to deliver fresh entertainment content to its audience. The implication of this partnership could not be lost on commuters in Lagos because LAGBUS buses on the Bus Rapid Transit routes in the state represented the single largest mover of people across the state today. The buses travel along the busiest routes and business-centric hubs of Lagos.

In February 2016, Elev8Media rebranded as Elev8media Advertising Ltd with the aim to provide audience and technology driven effective solutions in the advertising sector.

As a value driven company, Elev8media Advertising provides other bespoke products for outdoor advertising campaigns. The company is reputed for building the most energy efficient billboard in Lagos called “The Grid” which is located opposite King’s College on Lagos Island. The Grid, a backlit energy efficient billboard, serves well as an integral part of a fully integrated marketing campaign, delivering the same brand messages directly to target audience for just a fraction of the advertising budget.

According to the Managing Director of Elev8media Advertising, Funmilade Alalade, “If we do not help our clients to succeed, then we cannot succeed. Each and every campaign is treated with utmost consideration, whether it is a one-day run or a multi-month, multi-stage campaign. Our job is to help your business.”

Elev8 has also played pioneering role in the Mobile Billboards category. The digital billboards which are mounted on trucks have been a major feature on Lagos roads.

As competition among practitioners in the Out-of-Home advertising business intensifies, it is certain that those that will survive and thrive in the emerging digital age are the ones who can be creative and develop capacity to meet the demands of the marketplace creatively. It is therefore safe to expect to see Elev8 growing in leaps in the years ahead. With leading brands in all sectors of the economy already in the roll call of clients of the agency, Elev8 can only grow bigger and bigger. And with a dynamic management that is on top of their game, it is certain that the sky is the limit for Elev8


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