Eat’n’Go partners Slum2School Africa to educate 1000 out of school children

Fast growing restaurant group, Eat‘n’Go Limited has partnered with Slum2School Africa to provide education to 1,000 out of school children in its Slum2School programme.

The Corporate Social Responsibility  initiative which has so far been able to raise funds for about 360 children in several remote communities across the country was borne out of the need by Eat’n’Go Limited to give back to the society.

The Chief Executive Officer, Eat’n’Go Limited, Patrick McMicheal, stressed that Eat’n’Go Limited as a successful business organisation places its priority in helping people and giving back to the society.

McMicheal noted that the Slum2School Foundation was set up to assist young children who may not have had the opportunity to go to school in Nigeria, stating that the target for Eat’n’Go Limited this year was to help 1,000 out of school children to get qualitative education.

In his words: “As a successful business in Nigeria, it is so easy to just take; but that is not the Eat’n’GO way. It is really important for us that we give back to the society and at the same time, our DNA with our team is all about the education and the training of our teams.

“So, the Slum2School Foundation fits in very well for us because it is all about training and educating young children who may not have had that opportunity in Nigeria. This year, we are going to support 1000 children into school through the Eat’n’Go foundation; Slum2School Africa.”

Expressing her profound gratitude to Eat’n’Go Limited, the Head of Operations, Slum2School Africa, Ruth Diyan Ebe, pointed out that since the partnership was consummated the relationship between both parties in helping children that are out of school has been remarkable.

Ebe noted that the brand had dedicated certain percentage of its sales to helping children who are out of school to get good education.

According to her, for the past two years, Eat’n’Go Limited have already sponsored close to 100 kids in school and this year they have a goal to raise funds through the purchase of selected products for 1,000 children to get into school. So, that is pretty amazing.

She added that Slum2School Africa really appreciates Eat’n’Go Limited for sustaining the partnership over the years as well as taking a step further to provide education to 1,000 out of school children.

Asked what Slum2School Africa is all about Ebe said: “Slum2School Africa is basically a volunteered driven organisation and what we do is to identify slums at remote communities and children who are out of school so that we can give them quality education.

“We are passionate about quality education and providing education is pretty much holistic for children; so it is not just about what they learn from the four walls of the classroom but we also attend to psycho-social issues so we provide psycho-social support for these children.”

She continued: “We provide creative learning environment for them and basically we want these children to be able to harness the best of who they are and to realise their potentials. We believe that we are responsible for building the children now so that they don’t grow up as broken adults.

“Basically, that is what we do and we are volunteered-driven, we have a large network of passionate people within and outside the country who are committed to ensuring that this goal is realised.”

Eat‘n’Go Limited is a restaurant group dedicated to bringing the best F&B brands and concepts to Africa. In August and September 2012, the first two Domino’s Pizza and Cold Stone stores in Sub-Saharan Africa were opened in Lagos, Nigeria.

Eat‘n’Go Limited is the parent company of Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone and Pinkberry.


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