Dufil Prima Foods rewards 3 children at 2019 Indomie Hero’s Independence Award

In continuation of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Dufil Prima Foods, maker of Indomie Noodles, has rewarded 3 outstanding children with a cash prize of N1million each. The project known as “Indomie Hero’s Independence Award” saw the 2019 edition add 3 more children to the list of children with special skills making 42 in a record of 39 children since its inception in 2008. Being the 12th edition, the event was held at the 12th day of the month and also at the month of Nigeria’s independence to celebrate the nation. It is targeted at children under the age of 15.

Speaking during the event, the General Manager, Indomie, Rul Shamar, said: “Today we are celebrating our nation and the act of heroism in our great nation. These children are specially made and we are here once again to reward acts of heroism in young children who have made notable sacrifices at great risk to themselves and those who have struggled to survive despite the unfavourable conditions they found themselves in.”

This year’s award was divided into 3 categories, including social bravery category, intellectual bravery category and physical bravery category.

In the he Social Bravery category, Okeke Tagbo, an autistic patient who expresses his ideas and feelings through painting, switching from pencil to acrylic was awarded N1million. His work has been recognised in Germany and also given an outstanding award in the work of art in Australia. His foundation reaches out to children suffering from autism, creating awareness and training them on alternative means of communication. His art works were given out for free at a recent auction to those who couldn’t afford them.

In the Intellectual Bravery category, Attorney Lawrence from Imo State was also awarded the sum of N1million. He made a police patrol van (Hilux Jeep) and many other cars with electronic charger, using a remote to control to direct them.

In the Physical Bravery category, 13-year old Yahaya Zaki from Sokoto State who discovered that a girl fell inside a well and was able to go inside the deep well and got the victim out also received a check of N1million.

The keynote speaker, Segun Awosanya, currently the CEO of Alaint Media, in his speech titled “Equipping the Nigerian Child for Innovation in a Climate of Accelerated Global Advancement” enjoined Nigerians to invest in their future which is their children.

In his words: “Children are the arrows in our quiver. They are innovators, change makers and world changers. We shoot into the future to accomplish a task we may never be able to do ourselves. They are the trees we plant today under which we may never sit.”


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