Digital solutions companies should leverage technology penetration in Nigeria- Richard Iweanoge

By Oghale Mafuru

Chief Executive Officer of Papyrus Digital Solutions Company, Mr. Richard Iweanoge has urged digital solutions companies to take advantage of the increased internet and technology penetration in Nigeria to optimize their operations this year.

Speaking in an interview on MARKETING EDGE on Tv, the tech boss advised digital solutions companies to improve on their offerings this year by ensuring that solutions are indigenous to the country.

He said: “We must not always import solutions into Nigeria because those solutions are never built with the reality of our own situation. We always have to adapt those solutions to our environment, whether it is a payment system or a Field Force management system. Whatever system you want to build must be built with the clear view to solving our unique peculiar nature as a country or as a continent.”

According to him, Nigerians have taken into technology and are leading in Africa and moving to the rest of the world.

Speaking further, the company’s CEO revealed that the Papyrus Digital Solutions company is coming up with innovative solutions that will facilitate faster , easier and result oriented outcomes.

“We have seen the development that are happening around machine learning and artificial intelligence and we are beginning to develop a way for you to just point your phone at the shelf, take a picture of it and the solution should be able to tell you , your own products that are there, the numbers of the products there and that of your competitors.”

According to him, the tech space has witnessed an acceleration due to the pandemic noting that as a Field force automation system, technology plays a pivotal role to ensure that solutions meets the specific needs of customers.

“We choose the space of field work. Our platform is a field Force Management automation platform. Because we thought it was too much a process. Companies were investing heavily on recruiting sale people across the country and had no view or clue what those guys are doing across the country and the teams themselves had no digital solutions they could use to make their work easier. There are so many things in that whole space that makes it ripe for innovation and for technology to play a role. So with this platform, where you have a team of sales people across the country, it is clear you have view of what they do every day. You know who their customers are who they are selling to; who they are talking to and what they are talking to that person for. You build that institutional knowledge about all your customers across the country into the company’s database,” he said.

He assured that as a Field force automation system, the company will continue to develop more innovative solutions in response to the challenges in field sales operations.


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