Digibrands launches Green Hub Africa, continent’s first environmental media platform

DigiBrands, a marketing communications and advisory firm based in Lagos, has launched Africa’s first environmental sustainability media platform called Green Hub Africa. The launch of the platform is to reflect the organisation’s passion and investment in social advocacy and environmental sustainability.

To kick-start the project across the continent, Green Hub Africa hosted an inaugural meeting which was attended by members of its advisory board.

In his remarks, the Chief Executive Officer of Digibrands, Henry Bassey, said: “At DigiBrands, we hope to change mindsets to take active steps towards building a legacy for future generations by amplifying, celebrating and rewarding individuals and businesses who engage in ‘green practices’.

“Green Hub Africa is the continent’s first environmental sustainability media platform that will create awareness across private and public sectors to develop measure and reward environmentally-friendly initiatives with a periodic tracking of sustainable practices.”

Continuing, he said: “Our goal is to be the largest community of over 10 million earth enthusiasts by partnering reputable sustainability stakeholders for a credible and measurable social impact. We look forward to this journey and we hope you are as excited as we are.”

The Heritage Place, which has agreed to a partnership with Green Hub Africa, is the first environmentally LEED-certified commercial building in Nigeria.

According to the firm, members of the advisory board are Ifeoma Idigbe, Yemi Osilaja, Ikechi Odigbo, Akinwole Omoboriwo, while Prof John Ebohon serves as the Chairman of the board.

Also present on the team to discuss goals and intentions of the Green Hub Africa initiative are Prof. Olu Amoda, Doyinsola Ogunye and Peter Okwor.

The firm described organisation as a media platform attracting committed stakeholders to solve measurable environmental challenges by creating a movement that would change mindsets.

According to Digibrands, the vision is to be Africa’s most credible environmental sustainability platform by 2030, having been known for its effective measurement, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

Green Hub Africa is said to be motivated by the UN’s Agenda 21 which forms a basis for global partnerships to encourage cooperation among individuals, organisations, governmental and non-governmental bodies, as they support a transition to sustain life on earth.


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