dentsu launches iProspect as a new global media agency


dentsu International has announced the official launch of the brand new iProspect, a game changing digital-first end to end media agency. Collectively built by 93 local market teams working together and understanding the necessity for global consistency, the new iProspect is  grounded in deep digital specialism, enabling it to optimize in real-time and with precision, in order to accelerate brand growth, in the short and long term.

Global President of iProspect, Amanda Morrissey announced; “We are a new force in the industry, one that draws on decades of expertise carefully brought together to create an agile, scaled, digital first organisation built for the future and delivering today. In fact, the only thing that has stayed the same is the name, but even that looks different. “With precision and at pace, the new iProspect is able to learn, flex and scale its output to transform a brands’ performance
and provide effective business growth; immediately and in the future.”

According to the published reports, the new iProspect is not a classic top-down ‘one size fits all’ global agency model, but more of an ‘all sizes fit within’ agency framework, with the same global vision and
purpose.  The new agency will fuse existing capabilities such as brand building, strategic planning, business intelligence, marketing activation and performance optimization, plus the capabilities of scaled services within dentsu international; to give the teams huge breadth and depth of skills to draw upon to accelerate client growth.

“We will of course continue to do what our existing clients expect from us, but increasingly we know they want more and, I’m not just talking about upselling bolt-on services, but truly integrated holistic thinking. By bringing together the deep specialisms we have with our brand building experts and also our digital and performance specialists, everyone benefits, and our total offering is enhanced too,” Morrissey added.

James Bailey, CEO for iProspect UK, comments on the launch; “The way iProspect operates is truly unique for a global agency and this new proposition is testament to that. Having been part of its development,
along with so many others in the business, we already know that it works for our market and our clients as it was built with optimisation around local and human nuance at its heart. We have always been known as industry pioneers, by launching as a new digital-first end to end agency in the UK and globally, and with the might and scale of dentsu behind us, we are more than ready to continue doing this and bring in a new era of performance driven brand building.”

The new iProspect will focus on how consumers behave in their digital world and apply that to real world scenarios via a highly connected and creative use of media, regardless of channel. As digital specialists, its perspective allows it to rapidly optimise the work and adapt to ever-evolving human intent at those pivotal intersections in life, when culture, content, data, and technology meet.
“We already partner with some amazing brands here in the UK, including Next, Goldman Sachs, Burger King, Weetabix, Unicef, H&M, Bet Victor and Gucci. Through our new proposition we will continue working with clients, carefully matching their individual needs and our capabilities, so we drive maximum growth for them and their brand,” Bailey added.


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