Consumers Applaud Regal Dry Gin’s Bar Consumer Engagement Activation

Regal Dry Gin, a premium gin brand from the stable of Grand Oak Limited has received applause from consumers following the consumer engagement initiative embarked upon in several bars recently.

The activation, an exponential initiative was held at some selected bars in Lagos and Ogun States for a period of three weeks thrilling consumers with free samples of Regal Dry Gin mixed with other drink brands.

The brand also used the event to reward its loyal consumers and trade partners at the bars with varying gift items like TV Umbrellas, key holders, among others.

In response to the consumer engagement, the consumers revealed that mixing Regal Dry Gin with other drink brands create a unique taste and inviting aroma.

They pointed out that they felt excited mixing the brand with other drinks like soft drinks, beers, cucumber, lime and others.

At one of the bars in Lagos, Tunde Abolade, a middle age man, explained that he loves Regal Dry Gin when mixed with beer because it tastes so good and he drinks more of the brand. “I mix Regal Dry with Beer and I just love the cool taste, its taste is cool”, he said.

Similarly, a female consumer in Mushin, Lagos in her thirties, Folashade Kareem, who mixed Regal Dry Gin with a Cola soft drink stated that “Drinking it, the taste is good, It’s like drinking Red Label, I love the taste”. In addition, she said “My advice to the company is that they should not change the taste because the taste is okay”.

Also, Michael Ajafan, a man in his twenties said he preferred Regal Dry Gin to other gin brands in the Nigerian market and the brand remains his number one choice.

“This one is better than other gin brands that I have tasted. I like to drink it straight without mixing and I feel real great because of the way it tastes. It makes me feel good anytime I drink it.” he opined.

Some of the bars covered are; Westbrom bar and Barrywhite bar, both in Mushin; Huntersgarden bar, 360 bar in Ajegunle; Smart bar and De cool bar in Sango, Ogun State, among others.

Speaking on the exponential campaign, Brand Manager, Regal Dry Gin, Babatunde Niyi said “We are running  a consumer engagement imitative  programme and this is how it works, we have a place where our consumers come to buy their Regal Dry Gin, we would have set up a sampling stand outside that place of purchase. So, once you go into the store, you purchase Regal on your own volition, you come outside, we make mixes for you and we tell you different ways you can enjoy Regal Dry Gin.

“So, in essence, we are inviting you to enjoy your regal in so many different ways. If you don’t take it straight, you can have it on the rock or mix  with your favourite beverages or carbonated soft drinks or even juice.”

In addition, Akinjide Akinniyi, Supervisor at Town Cries Limited, the activation company for Regal Dry Gin disclosed that the exercise had helped consumers understand the different ways they could enjoy Regal Dry Gin, adding that the insight gotten from the engagement would further help the brand meet the growing needs of its consumers.


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