Coca-Cola partners Katy Perry on “Open Like Never Before” campaign

World’s leading beverage corporation, Coca-Cola is partnering with popular American singer Katy Perry, to launch a song as part of the company’s “Open Like Never before” campaign which highlights “how the world has changed and to appreciate what perhaps was previously taken for granted”.

Head of marketing for Coca-Cola, Europe, Walter Susini, said: “We are collaborating with Katy Perry to spread a message of hope and positivity, especially for the next generation. Lockdown has meant that young people have missed out on life-defining moments like proms and graduations to just being with their friends face-to-face. This song is dedicated to them.”

The short film which is titled ‘Open to Better’ is part of Coca-Cola’s “Open” brand platform, the slogan for which, “better when we’re open,” is designed to bring people together in these increasingly divisive times. The remix of Katy’s song ‘Resilient’, produced by superstar DJ/producer Tiësto and featuring vocals from Spanish pop singer Aitana, would be used to soundtrack the new short film.

Speaking on the campaign, Katy Perry explained: “To me, this campaign is about growing through challenges. I think the song ‘Resilient’ ties so well into that because being resilient is getting back up after you fall, growing from failure, and getting through that challenge.”
“I loved the unity perspective Aitana brought to the song, and how it evolves the message into the importance of being resilient as a group. It’s not always just about personal growth; we need to grow together too!” she added.

The film is all about “positivity and optimism”: It features images of a smiling Katy dancing around with a flower, as well as footage of young, diverse individuals and couples, and even their pets, fighting through life’s challenges by engaging in uplifting activities, or simply having fun together.

In October, the Coca-Cola Company launched the “Open like Never Before” campaign in Nigeria. Monali Shah, Integrated Marketing Communications Director for Coca-Cola West Africa, said: “Open Like Never Before is founded in the belief that we do not have to go ‘back’ to normal.

Instead, we can all move forward and make the world not just different, but better. It supports and celebrates our retail partners too, including local hotels, cafes and restaurants, many of whom will be reopening their doors to communities after a very challenging time for the industry, but who have always been at the heart of our social fabric.”


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