Chapman Happy Hour Builds Affinity through Distinct Refreshment Naija Style

Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita is fast becoming a mainstay in the minds of consumers across Nigeria, who now consider the drink an indispensable feature, turning their every moments into special occasions. With a unique taste and distinct refreshment Naija style, it has become a popular drink of choice because of its fruity deliciousness, authentic indigenous flavour, style, and consumer preference for a refreshing drink.

Its infusion of Nigerian culture and style in a refreshing mix resonates with what consumers want to complement their authentic Naija experiences, keep them satisfied and coming back for more. Little wonder the drink takes pride in offering ultimate “Refreshment Naija Style”.

Craved for its burst of unrivalled refreshment, Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita comes in handy packs which makes it convenient for consumers with preference for a readily available chapman drink. Being an indigenous drinks, it contains a blend of fruits and offers a refreshing way for consumers to enjoy their favourite chapman drink.

Yewande Busayo, a boutique owner,stated that she was introduced to Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita by a friend, and since then, it has become her go-to drink for refreshment.

“The fruity taste is excellent, and its refreshment value is incomparable. Along with its whole new level of convenience, Chapman Hour by Chivita does not only having me feeling refreshed, but it also gives me this feeling of being very Nigerian,” she stressed.

Thomas Maduko, a brand analyst, reiterated that even though chapman drink is a local Nigerian drink, not many have openly projected its indigenous origin and association with Nigeria like Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita has done.

“By highlighting the chapman drink’s close association with Nigerian culture, Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita has keyed into an important source of indigenous refreshment tobecome the toast of many Nigerians,” he noted.

For Chi Limited’s Marketing Director, Probal Bhattacharya, Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita is anindigenous drink guaranteed to provide Nigerians with ultimate refreshment they would love.

“Chapman Happy Hour by Chivitais unique in its own way in that it truly speaks to the Nigerian way of refreshment with its indigenous taste and fruity blend, which connects with our distinctstyle of celebration and culture. We believe consumers can take pride in Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita and what it offers,” he added.

Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita comes in convenient 150ml packs and is available in Chi Shoppe, neighbourhood kiosks and departmental stores across Nigeria.


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