Cars45 drives growth with new franchise

Poised to bringing automobile services closer to the consumer, Cars45, Nigeria’s leading car trading platform, through its retail arm, Carsbazr, has launched a new franchise with De-Feon Automobiles.

The franchise, the second in less than two months, is in accordance with the goal of the company to make automobile service affordable.

In an interview with THISDAY, the Chief Executive Officer, Cars45, Etop Ikpe, said: “For us it is really about taking our products to our customers’ door step. Our brand promise is to provide affordable and verifiable cars with a lot of varieties to customers.

“Now we have great products which we have spent the last three years working out and our goal is to begin to take them closer to the consumers.”

He continued: “Basically, our platform has always been built on our dealers and right now, we are empowering them (dealers) to take up franchises with our brand, theirs as well, and get them closer to the consumers. With that consumers are able to access affordable, verified, local or foreign used cars at the best prices.

“So for us, it is really about taking the product and quality of service directly to the consumers.”

Mr. Ikpe explained that Car45 also deals in new cars despite dealing largely in used cars.

“Even though right now, we do brand new cars, we work with some local Operations Administration and Maintenance (OAM) agencies to help them distribute their cars, but we have always had focus on used cars.

“The used cars space is where we see a lot of Nigerians playing in, even though we do some level of brand new cars, but primarily we trade in verified used cars.”

Elaborating on how franchising brings the company’s distribution closer to customers, he added: “Our goal is that Nigerians don’t have to travel beyond 20 minutes before getting access to our brand. And that is what we are trying to bring closer to the people. We know that the program we have, affects a lot of people, and it is something a lot of people want to reach, and to us, this is the fastest way to reach a lot of people.

“A month ago when we launched our first franchise, and mentioned we would be rolling out more, many had doubted, but as you can see, we are living up to our words.

For now, the franchise is within Lagos, however, Mr. Ikpe pointed out that plans were afoot to break into other parts of the country based on increasing demand.

Also speaking with THISDAY, the Chief Executive Officer, De-Feon Automobiles, Joshua Olukitibi said: “We all know that Car45 is a bigger brand that has come to stay in the automobile industry. Now they have a baby company called Carsbazr, which is like the retail arm of Cars45.

“This franchise now allows us to do business the way Cars45 does. The idea is about trying to run an open system. The challenges before now had always been that buyers did not know the real condition of vehicles before they bought them, the best prices they could get them and so many middle men and all that.”


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