C-suite executives to watch in Nigeria’s out-of-home advertising industry in 2024

By Felicia Nwosu

Amid continued global uncertainty that trailed the out-gone year, some businesses still emerged stronger with groundbreaking works to their credits.

But with 2024 kicking off in earnest with positive vibes and expectations, MARKETING EDGE has dived deep into the OOH business landscape to beam its searchlight on some of the business leaders who will be excelling exceptionally as business unfolds.

Dele Odugbemi – Championing advertising excellence in OOH (JCDecaux)

Dele Odugbemi has built a niche for himself championing advertising excellence in the out-of-home marketing space.

Working with JCDecaux for several years, Dele has demonstrated his strong business development expertise as a professional in directing and ensuring that strategic initiatives are employed towards the commercial development of product categories, key accounts and market segments across several business units.

His acute business intelligence and vast experience across the continent has further enhanced the business’s market position, partnerships and ambitious financial objectives of the global agency.

Dele joined the business in 2019 as the Country Manager at JCDecaux Grace Lake Nigeria, and known for his quest for excellence, he was able to launch the branch in a highly competitive environment, securing valuable market share and establishing JCDecaux’s position in a short time.

Prior to joining JCDecaux, Dele held several senior strategic positions within the leading creative and media agencies; noteworthy were his roles at Gray Africa as Regional Network Manager, Mindshare Nigeria as Head of Planning and Services, Carat as Business Unit Direct and Ogilvy Africa as Media Director.

Olarewaju Ashaolu –  Inspiring a new dimension of practice to OOH(Four Pulley Limited)

Olarewaju Ashaolu  is an advertising Practitioner and a business leader with a panache, verve and a taste of class in all does. Lanre’s broad experience across various sectors has charted a successful career path for him especially in his position as the Chief Executive Officer of Four Pulley Limited.

He has also demonstrated his creative leadership acumen in leading and executing compelling and memorable marketing strategies for Four Pulley Limited which has helped to drive immense growth and enhanced its presence in the dynamic landscape of the Nigerian out-of-home market while inspiring a new dimension of practice to OOH.

As a seasoned expert in digital marketing, including manufacturing, real estate, telecommunications, tourism with working experience on both the client and agency side, Lanre’s vast industry experience has been significant in strengthening the agency’s positioning as a leading OOH offering brands limitless opportunities with diverse service portfolios

Lanre Ashaolu, whose rewarding industry experience and strategic vision speak volumes about his vast knowledge and with specialization in brand management, market research, consumer behaviour analysis, marketing strategy and outdoor advertising, the marketing expert has been able to spearhead   notable transformative marketing initiatives to drive significant growth.

Under his leadership, the agency has secured key accounts and welcomed renowned clients; the most recent was winning the pitch for the Lagos state government transportation outfits which has reinforced Four Pulley’s position in the market.

Henry Orajiaka – trailblazing new giants strides in the industry (Motomedia Group,)

Henry Orajiaka, the CEO of Motomedia Group, no doubt, is the driving force behind the agency’s business growth, and having being known for his business growth acumen, the business leader has skillfully made new business acquisition, boosted the agency’s revenue growth, and mentoring and leading a his  team of professionals.

Orajiaka’s profound experience over the years has brought beauty and esthetics to the Nigerian outdoor ecosystem through his cutting edge technology and topnotch professionalism in reaching a large in a variety of different locations.

The OOH veteran, who brings a wealth of experience and an impeccable track record, has continued to trailblaze new giant’s strides in the industry offering high visibility and uninterrupted exposure to ensure that brand messages are seen by a wide range of individuals with impactful and creative campaigns.

With a strong, people-focused leadership and unwavering commitment, Henry Orajiaka has diligently contributed significantly to the growth of several brands through creative development.  His immense experience spanning decades is one of the driving forces that has helped his  nuanced understanding of the  landscape ethos which is aiding him to  craft customised, integrated solutions for clients.

Today, his wealth of experience across various sectors has crystallized the vital need for an integrated ecosystem, thereby positioning Motomedia Group as a multi-faceted agency with multiple competencies. As a meticulous practitioner, his drive excellence and diligence has propelled Motomedia Group in navigating today’s complex marketing landscape while providing and executing mind-blowing projects which has positioned the agency as a strong force and voice in the industry.

Tony Eguridu – charting a futuristic roadmap at the confluence of creativity(Michael Angelo Media Ltd)

Tony Eguridu is a seasoned professional and a strong voice in the Out-of-Home advertising.  He is currently charting a futuristic roadmap at the confluence of creativity, technology, data, and production as the General Manager at Michael Angelo Media Ltd, a leading OOH agency.

The outdoor enthusiast and marketing expert has a proven track record that aligns with the company’s vision which has helped to actualize its goals in driving business development strategy, operations, business planning and execution.

Tony has remained a driving force behind Michael Angelo Media Ltd’s success in establishing its presence across industries and geographies, meeting diverse clients with diverse needs.

With over 20 years extensive experience, Tony’s strategic vision and commitment have played an integral role in the company as it continues to thrive and keep expanding its tentacles emerging  as a global leader in  the OOH advertising market.

In the course of his career, he has also shared his wealth of experience in building purpose-driven brands both as a Senior Manager and Head, Business Development & Group Operations, Wetherheads Out Door Ltd. In his role at Wetherheads, he managed, from planning to execution of the entire out of home media for Starcomms Nigeria Pl as well as being able to accomplish the total investments of the group in the South East & South/South region.

Adeniyi Ganiyu – of birthing innovative and disruptive solutions for brands (Eyekontact)

Mr. Ganiyu is a thoroughbred professional who has honed his skills through years of experience, delivering cutting-edge and technology led solutions to several multinational companies across different sectors of the economy.

His company, EyeKontact, is reckoned to be one of the leading outdoor firms in Nigeria with a track record of birthing innovative and disruptive solutions for brands

His passion for exceptional performance lie in  his dexterity and tenacity which has positioned the agency to be reckoned as an industry leader who has consistently offered high-quality, creative, innovative, and successful business solutions that represents Eyekontact a top advertising agency.

He is an ardent professional with exceptional competencies, with specialization in market research, branding, creative creation, media strategy, and several others, which through cutting edge technology and resources are known to be the driving factors pushing its boundaries and     solidifying its position as the top advertising competitor

Under his strong leadership, the agency has demonstrated competency as an inventive company with distinct strengths and capabilities, navigating the hurdles of digital transformation and in harnessing the potential of technology to create development and innovation for clients.

His authentic role as the CEO of the agency is one focused on purpose-driven marketing, coupled with his leadership influence, which has redefined the sector, from well-established stalwarts of the industry to newer, trendy marketing practices that are disrupting the marketing landscape. 

Adeniyi Ganiyu’s innovative and forward-thinking prowess has led to several  marketing disruptions for premium brands which includes developing an outstanding  high-octane campaign for Martell  in Lekki, helping  its numerous consumers to connect with the global alcoholic brand seamlessly.

Adekunle Adeshina:Emerging game-changer in OOH (Invent Media)

 Adekunle Adeshina’s initiative as the CEO of Invent Media, is breaking leaps and bounds and causing an admiring stare from competitors.

His transformative leadership has undoubtedly positioned Invent Media to be seen by all, including competitors, as leading avant-garde top of the market Out-Of-Home advertising services agency and an emerging game-changer .

In line with his vision, he  has steered the agency to be strategically positioned as a one-stop shop for advertisers’ out-of-home advertising solutions company with an avalanche of products that offer clients enormous reach and true engagement with their key audiences.

His versatility and visionary leadership   has cascaded the agency into an unprecedented shift, achieved through various innovative and pace-setting products made available by the agency pan-Nigeria and in major West African countries.

Through an illustrious career growth and high experience exposure, Invent Media has recorded an enduring milestone in its success journey which has earned its name to be written in gold with several award recognitions.

 The business leader is armed with over two decades wealth of experience in several segments of the industry and with his expertise in business, Invent Media, since inception,  has been revered and recognized as an industry leader with an unrivalled insight and audience measurement tools helping to plan, manage and evaluate clients’ outdoor advertising campaigns from conception to completion to ensure advertisers gain the best value from their investments.

Funmi Alalade – Pioneering innovative solutions in OOH (Elev8media)

Funmi Alalade, is the man at the helm of affairs and the innovative brain behind the success of  Elev8media since it was founded in 2016 with its  core business in OOH advertising. With a mission to provide clients with effective and efficient medium of advertising that best target its client’s audience, Alalade’s commitment to the agency over the past years has help to accelerate its status to become a go-to agency that delivers impactful solutions for clients across industries in Nigeria

Operating in such a large and diverse market, the seasoned outdoor professional has leveraged his entrepreneurial experience to drive innovation, expand market presence and deliver exceptional value   with compelling messages that have helped to tremendously transform consumers’ journeys.

As a testament to his suave leadership charisma, the agency is known for winning large competitive pitches which have attracted several notable awards.

His unwavering commitment and undaunted spirit have helped in steering the agency to staying ahead in setting new standards for interactive and dynamic outdoor advertising.

The seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of experience that spans across brand building, negotiation, business planning, OOH Advertising, Integrated Marketing, and entrepreneurship, through his innovative and dynamic approaches has been very instrumental in positioning  Elev8Media, as a powerhouse in Nigeria’s advertising industry.

As a key pillar in its  leadership, Alalade’s  strategic leadership moves have consistently  relaunch   new areas of focus  that have  constantly helped to  identify growth levers and develop actionable strategies that are redefining the outdoor agency innovatively to be at par  with international standard while acquiring  new client opportunities, services and expansion.

Today as a pioneer who has recorded many innovative strides in the industry, Funmi Alalade’s milestone achievements is demonstrated beyond AI-driven initiatives, as Elev8 Media has recently marked its presence with an iconic digital billboard strategically positioned at the Gateway of Lekki Phase 1 and other locations including with its expansion across the continent.

His proven leadership skills, vast expertise and innovative thinking has over the years helped to sustain the continued disruption and transformative initiative,  as notably,  Elev8 stands out as the first digital billboard in Lekki to offer complimentary WiFi access, further enhancing consumer engagement.

 Wale Adegoke –  Leveraging technology in powering the next era of media (Nimbus Media Ltd.)

Wale Adegoke as the  CEO of Nimbus Media Limited, is armed with the mission to reshape the advertising landscape.

Through his passion for brands, he has broken several boundaries in tech and gaming, changing the narrative and existing status quo in the out-of-home industry.

With impressive and extensive experience, Wale brings invaluable expertise to his role, playing a pivotal role in overseeing the expansion and growth of assets of Nimbus Media Limited across the country for over a decade while still counting with attendant growth in turnover.

The ace outdoor professional through operational excellence, and to further expand on the exceptional legacy he has created in the advertising ecosystem, has become a trusted partner to clients by offering diverse services with result-oriented acumen.

 In his quest to deliver professional service to clients in the property space, he coordinated on site team during construction of Frith-hill heights, a development of 30 luxury apartments in Ikoyi, Lagos. He was also part of the project team during planning of AFREN towers, a 15 floor
office building in the new Eko Atlantic city, Lagos. While he was equally among the team who oversaw the completion, renovation and maintenance of several residential and office buildings within Lagos metropolis.

Wale’s wealth of knowledge and experience, exceptional talent and relentless pursuit of digital innovation were the driving forces that propelled  the successful roll out project of several Stanbic IBTC banks nationwide between 2009 and 2011.

His expertise is instrumental in the coordination of a multidisciplinary onsite team to complete House on the rock church-Rock cathedral, a multipurpose facility with 32,000m2 floor area and 14,000 capacity mail auditorium in Lekki, Lagos.

Chidozie Mbanefo – charting a course for a prominent and influential outdoor advertising sector (Crystal Communications Ltd.)

With a successful track record that is anchored on excellence and an accomplished career spanning several decades in marketing and advertising Chidozie Mbanefo’s exceptional leadership acumen  has  propelled  New Crystal  to swiftly ascend to a leadership position within the industry.

He has played instrumental roles through his diverse skill sets and distinctive leadership in continuing to scale and expand the innovative agency, with focus to ensure that it is   excellently positioned as the epicenter of outdoor advertising, attaining new heights in the emerging market.

Through his innovative approach, has led to the introduction of numerous top-tier services in the Nigerian market, earning the company an esteemed standing within the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN).

His dedication and relentless efforts has helped the company to crystalise in its  journey of building a strong and successful outdoor agency by orchestrating innovative growth  and expansion.

Since transitioning into an outdoor advertising enterprise in 1998, New Crystal has swiftly established a strong foundation of rapport with its customers by exceptional service quality and professional precision in siting outdoor billboards to effectively reach the intended audience.

His penchant for all-round excellence in the realm of outdoor advertising and utilizing advanced technology, the company’s commitment to delivering top-notch standards across all aspects of its services underpins the quality of its outdoor advertising and print production. Consequently, the company adheres to recognized international standards for comprehensive quality management.

Uduak Bassey: Raising next generation of technological disruptors (Plural Media)

Uduak Bassey’s vision and accomplishment as the founder of one of Nigeria’s leading outdoor agencies, Plural Media is one driven by the passion to contribute innovative, sustainable, long-term, value-adding ideas, adept at trying new things with cheerful optimism.

His unflinching quest and passion for the younger generation has lured him into   new discoveries that will transform a new generation of positive minds who will be future technological disruptors in the advertising landscape.

The outdoor expert has continuously expressed his commitment, and he is proud to be changing the learning paradigm in Nigeria working with Veative Labs. Bassey is passionate about the sound education of the Nigerian child and believes it is time to leverage immersive technologies such as VR/AR to stimulate high order thinking and deeper understanding of concepts by students.

To avert the consequence caused by the unprecedented lock down of the pandemic, the managing director in his wisdom to ensure child education is sustained during the pandemic, saw a spike in blended learning and created opportunities for students to combine online, in-person, and tech-enabled offline learning programmes that leverage virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and Mixed Reality as a way to embrace the new normal.

The brand builder contends that consistent growth or value creation occurs when the right combination of strategy, cultural values, entrepreneurial mindset, experimental processes, values-based leadership, and people-centric human resource policies combine to enable high employee engagement that results in consistent simultaneous strategic exploitation and exploration.


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