Hardest creative nut to crack? 20 pieces of advice for creatives

By Zion Rufus 

Starting a journey in the creative world presents challenges where you’ll be required to actively listen, ask questions, absorb knowledge, let curiosity drive your ideation, embrace mistakes, and most importantly, keep your ego in check.

To excel as a creative professional in advertising, it’s crucial to be a creative thinker, possess artistic passion, writing or designing skills, and a curiosity for research and learning.

Admittedly, advertising isn’t solely for those overflowing with ideas. It’s a field teeming with opportunities for planners, doers, and creators, encompassing roles in finance, PR, legal, and more.

Whether you aspire to be a strategist, a doer, or a creative, the key lies in understanding the diverse facets of this dynamic industry.

For proactive individuals with logical thinking, roles such as account manager/executive, project manager, or media director open doors to the business side of advertising. Proficiencies in business, management, ideation, problem-solving, decision-making, networking, listening, and effective communication are essential.

For those who excel in management, roles like account manager, project manager, or production manager could be a perfect fit. Business acumen, networking, problem-solving, and effective communication skills are vital in managing the business end of advertising agencies.

Creativity knows no bounds in roles such as copywriters, art directors, and designers. Crafting imaginative and compelling content is at the core of these roles, demanding not only creativity but also resilience, adaptability, and the ability to work under pressure.

However, regardless of the chosen role, the ability to handle criticism, cope with stress and burnouts, and navigate ideas being refined or rejected is vital. You can’t escape it.

Creative director Rodd Chant shares 20 valuable pieces of advice for aspiring individuals entering a creative career:

Listen: Listening is a potent learning tool. Harness the power of understanding, and you’ll uncover valuable insights in your creative journey.

Ask Questions: Asking questions isn’t a sign of ignorance but a gateway to enlightenment. Embrace curiosity and seek understanding.

Be a Sponge: Immerse yourself in the agency environment. Understand every process, absorb knowledge, and be a perpetual learner.

Curiosity Is Your Copilot: A curious mind breeds fresh ideas. Stay forever curious, and creativity will be your constant companion.

Embrace Mistakes: Perfection is a myth. Mistakes are part of the creative process. Learn, adapt, and keep moving forward.

Curb Your Ego: Ego impedes growth. Humility opens doors. Choose the latter; it will serve you well in your creative pursuits.

Be an Explorer: Venture into uncharted territories. Experiment with new techniques and technologies. Innovation flourishes in exploration.

Be Patient: A creative career is a journey, not a sprint. Patience is the bedrock of enduring success.
Imposter Syndrome Is Normal: Understand that feeling like an imposter is common among creatives. Acknowledge it, but don’t let it hinder your progress.

Choose Your Boss Wisely: Your boss plays a pivotal role in your creative journey. If your creative leader is not conducive to growth, seek a change.

Clients Are Not the Enemy: Clients can be challenging, but they are not adversaries. Embrace the diversity in client interactions, and learn from each experience.

Policing Bad Briefs: Recognize the impact of a good brief. Advocate for clarity and quality, preventing subpar work and frustration.

Endure Shitty Days: Challenges are inevitable. Accept bad days, learn from them, and let them propel you toward better ones.

Creativity Beyond Work: Cultivate creative pursuits outside your job. Let your creativity flourish beyond the confines of your professional life.

Embrace Failure: Failure is a stepping stone to success. Learn from every setback, and let it fuel your future creative endeavors.

Craft a Unique Portfolio: Your portfolio should be a showcase of ideas that stand out. Zig where others zag, and let your uniqueness shine through.

Find Your Voice: Differentiate yourself. Be bold, be unique. Your voice is your creative signature.

Continuous Improvement: Aim to be better each day, not necessarily the best. Consistent improvement accumulates over time.

Have Fun: Don’t take yourself too seriously. Laughter and joy are essential ingredients in the creative process.

Perspective on Career Growth: Understand that every successful creative leader started where you are. Your doubts and uncertainties are part of the journey. Give it time, and the pieces of advice will make sense along the way.


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