Buhari challenges private sector to lead economic recovery efforts

Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari in an effort to boost economic recovery has challenged the private sector operators to take the lead in the battle to revive the economy.

Speaking at the 44th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) in Abuja, the President told the private sector operators that they held the key to economic recovery. He also enjoined them to work with the Federal Government towards taking the country out of recession.

While extolling the contributions of Aliko Dangote and other manufacturers to the economy, President Buhari said that the government will rely heavily on the input of the private sector in its economic policy.

This assurance is coming amidst call by concerned Nigerians for the President to shake-up its economic team with a view to incorporating fresh ideas from knowledgeable Nigerians outside of government.

Recently, as part of his resolve to aggressively tackle the economic challenges, the President organised a one day retreat at the Villa. Four key speakers including Obadiah Mailafia, Ayo Teriba, Birsmark Rewane and Bode Agusto were invited to make presentations during the closed technical session with the President.

They made presentations on Weaning the Economy out of oil dependence; Fiscal and Trade Policy options to get the economy out of recession; Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy options to get the economy out of recession and How to grow output and productivity in the Real Sector, respectively.


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