BUA Group rebuts Dangote’s publication, advocates respect for judicial process

The BUA Group has rebutted the publication of Dangote Group, alleging that the group, in its hurry to twist facts, failed to justify the alleged misinterpretation in its publication but stylishly stated that it has appealed the judgment whilst accepting the recent court order, which granted BUA the right to peaceful possession and operations of three of its mining sites in Obu-Okpella in Edo State.

The Dangote Group was said to have alleged in the said publication that the initial publication of the BUA Group was riddled with misrepresentations and deliberate distortions of facts.

“We read with dismay the publication of the Dangote Group which purports to ‘set the records straight’ with regards to the earlier publication of the BUA Group on the recent judgment of the Federal High Court in Suit No. FHC/B/CS/101/2017: BUA v.IGP & Ors. (“BUA Fundamental Right Suit”), which restrains Dangote Industries Limited (“DIL”) and other Respondents in the suits from interfering in BUA Group’s mining sites in Obu-Okpella, Edo State.

“We, however, note that the Dangote Group failed to identify any specific fact, which was distorted. On the contrary, the Dangote Group reiterated the fact that the judgment of the court indeed restrained DIL and the other respondents, as contended by BUA, albeit stating that the judgment of the court constitutes complete aberrations and contains manifests contradictions; and it has exercised its legal right to appeal the decision of the court.

“Whilst we consider this attempt to disparage the Court on the pages of print media as an affront, we shall not be joining issues with the Dangote Group, as we are of the view that the court can protect itself and DIL reserves the right to appeal the decision of the court,” s a statement from BUA Group said.

Stating further, the statement noted: “The Dangote Group also questioned the right of BUA to institute the BUA Fundamental Right Suit on the basis that it was a clear abuse of court process as there are two other pending suits – the BUA suit and suit No. FHC/B/CS/74/2016: Dangote Industries Limited & Anor. v. BUA International Limited &Ors (“Dangote Suit”).  This is notwithstanding that the Dangote Group itself ironically commenced the Dangote suit during the pendency of the BUA suit. Moreover, it is trite law that any fundamental right suit is an independent claim, which does not impede a pending dispute.”


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