Bounce News launches in Nigeria with personalized news app

Bounce news, a personalized news platform has been launched in Nigeria. The website is dedicated to delivering on a daily basis inspiring and relevant stories that are tailored to empower the Nigerian news consumers and give them a voice in the polity.

By studying search patterns and activities on social media to know the kind of stories that interest its readers, Bounce News is able to make recommendations while transforming basic information into applied intelligence.

With the Bounce app, users receive news items which help them make informed decisions about their personal lives, careers and businesses.

Speaking during the launch of the app in Lagos on August 9, 2017, General Manager at Bounce News Goodluck Ikporo said:

“When you first launch BOUNCE, you’ll be given the option to select which interests you prefer to follow. This defines the initial set of content BOUNCE will show to you. BOUNCE will look at your profiles and the content you have publicly shared to find additional interests that could be relevant to you.”

He added that BOUNCE also analyses user activity on the app to find out what kind of stories they read or skip, and any action taken around stories (like using the thumbs up or thumbs down).

Each of these actions teaches Bounce a little bit about users’ interests and over time, it will get pretty good at predicting which stories you love.

Bounce News, which is already popular among Nigerians of various demographics, offers a range of exciting news items that cuts across -politics, entertainment, business, sports, fashion, education, tech and law & crime.

Unlike regular news apps, BOUNCE NEWS significantly improves the experience of consuming news on the internet as it is designed to function optimally on slower networks or low data. You can also save stories and read offline.

Bounce News brings the world to you and gives you that edge you need to share your unique experience with the rest of the world.


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