Biodun Shobanjo named on 02 Academy online advertising school’s faculty

By Kasim Bakare

Foremost industry icon and the Doyen of Advertising in Nigeria, Mr. Biodun Shobanjo, has been named on the Faculty of the O2 Academy Online Advertising School. The celebrated industry giant leads several outstanding industry practitioners billed as instructors for the new school.

Dropping this hint at the official launch of Nigeria’s first online advertising school, Provost, 02 Academy, Ozoemena Mbanefo, expressed his excitement at the cheering news, noting that the industry giant’s invaluable knowledge and experience will help deepen the frontiers of scholarship and mentoring for students at the academy.

In Mbanefo’s words,”We are very excited that Biodun Shobanjo is coming on board as an instructor at the 02 academy online adschool .  He also doubles as our Grand Patron. Biodun Shobanjo is the doyen of advertising. Virtually every big industry player we have today has had something to do with Biodun Shobanjo or his agency at one point in time. In fact almost all the big agencies you have today all sprang from Insight(SO&U, DDB and the likes), their owners had worked one at one time under Biodun Shobanjo). We are proud to announce Shobanjo as one of our instructors. He will be delivering a lecture on “How to build a sustainable IMC business”

According to the O2 academy boss, the platform which was officially unveiled on June, 2, 2021 will have other notable IMC experts delivering sessions on different relevant courses in Brands & Communication, Marketing & Advertising. Instructors on the faculty list also include Lanre Adisa, Nnenna Onyewuchi, Feyi Olubodun, Jude Odia, Dayo Adefila amongst others.

Meanwhile, the O2 Academy provost has expressed confidence in its new offering, noting that its partnership with experts in the IMC, media experts and tech companies will help deliver a first class online education as obtainable in the physical school.

“We know that for us to really attend to the market and equip people with enough knowledge that will take them to where they are going to, we need the best of the best. I call them the elite of the elites.

He added:”So, we have the top guns in the Brands & Communication, Marketing & Advertising (IMC) industry. We have a partnership structure in place with the industry experts who deliver the sessions on our platform. It works like what you have with the Uber platform, where the driver, rider and the Uber brand all have a stake in the business. We have also partnered with reputable media experts and tech companies to drive the platforms in order to deliver a world class product ”.

On the collaboration with industry experts in the new initiative, he had this to say:”Basically, we connect the industry experts to those who need the knowledge. So, everybody is a stakeholder. It’s not just an O2 academy thing. It’s an industry thing. We seek outstanding professionals in the industry”.


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