Amber opens new corporate office and warehouse in Lagos

Amber Energy Drinks Ltd, makers of premium energy drink, Amber, has unveiled a state-of-the-art corporate head office and warehouse at Ogba, Lagos State.

The strategic move, according to the Managing Director, Ms. Lola Adedeji, was to ensure more accessibility of its products to consumers and distributors.

The office building was commissioned at a colourful ceremony in Lagos, which witnessed impressive turnout of staff, distributors and consumers of the premium energy drink.

During an exclusive interview with MARKETING EDGE at the event, Ms. Adedeji stated that the new office speaks to the brand identity and essence of the Amber brand albeit at a huge cost to the company.

“As a responsible corporate entity, one of the major things we wanted to reiterate is that we don’t compromise on quality and it is important the way we portray ourselves to the public.

“So, it was important we put a lot into what our head office and warehouse look like. Because we tell our distributors that the warehouse has to be in a certain way, we have to be able to show them what we want. So, it took us time and resources to achieve that, but we have them in here now.”

The new corporate office houses many corporate offices of senior management staff and sales officers of the company. An expansive warehouse with a high capacity for millions of its products is also situated within the premises. The location of the new office is strategic considering its accessibility to its teeming customers and distributors.

“I feel the location of our new corporate office is strategic because our product is both aspirational and accessible. It’s very important placing your product where your head office is. The masses are on this axis but the aspirationals are on the other axis (our former location). We are now placed in the middle where you can find us here and there. So, this was a deliberate move.”

On the secret of the phenomenal growth and acceptance of the Amber brand, three months into the energy drink market, the debonair young C.E.O had this to say: “It is very important to understand who your target market is and we have taken time to understand our consumers, their lifestyle and how they react. We were able to put that into the marketing and production of the drink. This is why we have been having positive and phenomenal results as people love the drink. We are excited that they love it and we are doing our best to achieve more.”

Amber energy drink was launched in June this year and market intelligence shows that the product has become the choice of many Nigerian consumers.


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