AJEAST launches BIG Cola, Big Orange, Big Lemon into Nigeria’s market

Nigeria’s soft drinks market has got new brands with the launch of BIG Cola, Big Orange and Big Lemon, manufactured by AJEAST Nigeria Ltd.

BIG, a flagship by AJE is armed with the approach “Think Big”, also a beverage drink with no-caffeine, giving quality for a lower price among competitors, with the goal of giving more for less.

AJE with its global beverage presence in over 20 countries is also an official England promotional partner including the FA Cup and Barcelona.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Theo Williams, Country Manager AJEAST Nigeria said, “The focus is about consumers, AJE in Nigeria is to offer BIG for everybody, we are giving more for less. We want to ensure that consumers get something affordable that they can share with families and friends.

“We are on a line, where we produce the bottles; we do the wrapping and packaging. Our aim is to offer more for less, while other soft drinks of 50cl are being sold for N100, we say no, giving 15cl more so that the consumers can see the benefit. We will introduce new brand every three months.”

On the price control methods, he said, “The unique selling model we have adopted in this country is to ensure that we have the ability to monitor the consumer price and we have a contract with each of our wholesalers and distributors. We have the capacity to satisfy in our next six months our budgeted consumer.”

He put AJE investment at N5 billion, saying BIG is expected to be in operation in Cameroon in July 2016, while negotiations are still on in other African countries.

According to Mr. Akeem Abdul, National Sales Manager, AJEAST Nigeria Ltd, “we want to open the tap for success in Nigeria business, to open all the locks and perception of consumers, that there is a drink always available anytime and at any location.

“This brand is associated with You Think Big, You Drink Big. We are offering more for less; a bottle can be shared to friends and families. From the time this brand was launched it has excite consumer’s trade members. The brand has gone viral on the internet.”


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