Airtel Introduces 3-in-1 SIM card


Airtel Nigeria has introduced a 3-in-1 SIM card, which enables customers switch from one SIM to another.

The new SIM card, also known as Airtel Smart SIM, comprises all three SIM card sizes: Micro, Standard and Nano, and is aimed at making it convenient for customers to switch devices without having to get a new, different-sized SIM.

Speaking on the product, the Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Maurice Newa, said, “This is another innovative product, which clearly underlines Airtel’s promise to provide cutting edge solutions to meet the evolving demands of its customers.”

He said, “The Smart SIM is the first of its kind in Nigeria and it provides the smartphone user the freedom to switch devices and retain the same SIM card. With this new SIM package, which costs N300, customers will no longer need to cut their SIM cards when they change their mobile device.”

Newa said that in contrast to the existing 64kb cards, the new card comes in 128kb, which offers more capacity and additional space for customers to store more contact and SMS.

“In addition, customers who purchase the new SIM cards will be able to access the Cell tick applet, a value-added service that displays live content and marketing messages on the home screen when phone is idle. Customers can subscribe to the content by clicking on the messages displayed on phone screen,” he added.

Meanwhile, Airtel Nigeria has introduced a new roaming service that will enable its customers to receive unlimited free incoming calls when roaming in five major countries across five continents.

With the introduction of the service, tagged ‘Smart ROAM’, Airtel customers travelling to the United Kingdom, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Saudi Arabia will be able to receive calls free when they roam on preferred partner networks in these countries.

Newa said that the strategic focus of the new roaming service was to ensure a convenient and seamless communication experience for customers when they travelled abroad. He said, “A good number of Nigerians miss important calls while abroad, but with the SmartROAM service, roaming has been made simpler and affordable such that our customers’ lines will always stay on, while they are abroad.”

He said, “We are always committed to delivering exceptional experience to our customers and the thrust of this initiative is to bring easy and affordable roaming to our customers who travel to any of these five countries.”

Newa further explained that the service would be available when roaming on the following networks: Zain in Saudi Arabia; Cell C and Vodacom in South Africa; Orange and Vodafone in the UK, AT&T in the USA and Etisalat in the UAE, adding that more networks would be included in the nearest future.



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