Africa internet group rebrands all ventures to Jumia

After 4 years of successfully establishing and growing its services in the online markets, the Africa Internet Group (AIG), now Jumia, has become the number 1 e-commerce platform in Africa. AIG is now connecting all of its companies to Jumia’s ecosystem in order to “expand customers horizons.”

The new Jumia ecosystem will give access to products and services from nine leading platforms. Customers can now find all they need online on the new improved Jumia platform such as hotels, local sellers, brands, real estate agents, car dealers, large companies and logistic companies. This move is expected to offer greater opportunities to sellers and buyers. It will also help increase the traffic of customers for sellers on the platform.

“This is all possible because people connect to our platform to access those services and products in an environment that we have designed for them, addressing their needs and expectations on quality, choice, price, trust and convenience.” said Sacha Poignonnec and Jeremy Hodara, founders and co-CEOs of Jumia.

AIG has also rebranded all of its platforms by renaming them with Jumia as a prefix followed by the names of different industries the ventures belong. Hotel booking platform Jovago will now be known as Jumia Travel, Food delivery platform HelloFood is now Jumia Food, Community marketplace Kaymu becomes Jumia Market, Real estate Lamudi rebrands as Jumia House, OLX competitor Vendito is now Jumia Deals, Everjobs is Jumia Jobs, Vehicle marketplace Carmudi will now be known as Jumia Cars and AIG’s logistics services AIG Express has changed to Jumia Services.

This is a welcome development for Africa Internet Group (AIG), which announced in March, that it has secured about €300 million in financing from Goldman Sachs and its existing investors, which includes AXA, MTN and Rocket Internet. It also shows that the demand for consumer business and middle class in the continent is growing rapidly. Africa continues to experience rapid growth of digital technology, which includes e-commerce and mobile payment.

AIG now Jumia is Nigerian-owned and the largest e-commerce company on the continent. Jumia is currently operating in about 11 countries.


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