Adrant Partners Launches Property Market Platform

In a bid to improve availability of information on the property market in the country, Adrant Partners Nigeria Limited has launched an online media platform,

The platform, according to the company, would provide practitioners, investors, and individual property owners with in-depth reports and analyses of events, activities and developments in the construction and real estate sectors.

Chief Executive Officer of Adrant Partners, Mr. Ranti Adedeji, while speaking on the value offered by the platform, said it has different segments that provide visitors needed information in their areas of interest.

He explains, “Building Planning segment focuses on the stage-to-stage processes involved in building your own house. It provides practical and result-oriented guidelines about all you need to know about building your own house. It discusses matters that relate to property acquisition and ownership; building development control agencies; documentations of landed property; hiring building contractors; various building materials and finishing your building to suit your taste.”

He added that the website also has other segments as Sellers’ request, Buyers’ Request, Documentations, Real Estate, Investment, Supplements, Projects and Interviews. It also affords landlords who have property to sell and estate agents who have direct instructions to help sell property an opportunity to publicise their requests; while buyers can also indicate their demand in order to be matched with property in the organisation’s database.

Adedeji, who was a journalist on the property beat for more than a decade before going into private practice, stated that the parent company through its wealth of experience provides “free consultancy services about property documents like Survey, Land Information, Certificate of Occupancy and Building Approval. This is in conjunction with experienced property lawyers and relevant government agencies.”


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