Abelinis wins Guinness and Bosch accounts

Leading experiential marketing agency, Abelinis Limited, has won two new businesses to add to its plethora of account portfolio. The accounts are: Guinness Nigeria and Bosch Applications & Tools. Abelinis is expected to facilitate the sales of both products by connecting the brands and their consumers through a well organised distribution network.

For Guinness Nigeria, the agency would be involved in connecting the brand with its target consumers with the “Distribution Bike Scheme” aimed at ensuring that the products of Guinness Nigeria are available to consumers in various rural areas across the country.

Expressing his joy over the recent account win, the Project General, Abelinis Limited, Deji Orunkoyi, said that the Guinness Nigeria and
Bosch accounts were the two major accounts Abelinis Limited recently won aside working for other Small and Medium-sized
Enterprises (SMEs).

In Orunkoyi’s words: “We have increased tremendously this year. We have added more clients and now we have Bosch. The Bosch job is a difficult one so you have to take a stand on what you want to do. For us, it is not about profit all the time.

“We are using the client as a learning curve to meet different set of people and not just consumers. In terms of application and implementation, we are going to be working with carpenters and welders; I mean different set of people you know.”

He continued: “We have also won Guinness account and we are handling one of the most sensitive projects there. We are doing the Bike Scheme where we take products from wholesalers and we distribute same in the rural areas. So, those are the two new major clients but there are other Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) that we are also focusing on.”


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