60 days in Canada, Adedeji highlights keys to settling in professionally

By Zion Rufus

Clinching a new role can be a huge boost to one’s career.  However, it goes beyond the buzz of congratulatory messages on LinkedIn and the excitement that comes with exploring new terrains. 

From making it through the grueling interview processes and the onboarding paperwork, to feeling overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities that come with being a professional, getting set up with a new job brings on a whole host of expectations and experiences that can take some time to get used to.

“There are things you don’t necessarily think about during the interview as you flash a “perfect” 90-day action plan. e.g knowing the names of everyone you need. Let’s just say it wasn’t a comfort zone, ” says Tolulope Adedeji, a renowned senior-level executive in the marketing communications space as she walks us through her first 60 days in office as Senior Director, Trade Marketing and Sales Operations, Labatt Breweries of Canada. 

“60 days ago, I landed Canada into a new role, new department, new brands, new teams, new continent. For me, walking into the office and knowing only a few faces out of hundreds was weird.  Sometimes, I probably passed  people in my team and didn’t even recognize them. No one really looks like they do on the organization chart on PowerPoint these days. Even me,” she joked.

According to Adedeji, the first 60 days on the job involves orienting yourself to your new surroundings, learning about your department’s structure, building relationships with your colleagues, and setting out the key objectives and priorities you would want your team to focus on.

So how do you make the transition smoother?

In this article, Adedeji provides tips and tricks to help professionals jumpstart their new profession and make settling into a new role faster and easier. 

Find your rhythm with people

Establishing a connection and earning trust are important steps to take when settling into a new job role. 

“I set out to get to know my team,” Adedeji said, “then I started to build a connection and earn trust so we can operate at the speed of Trust. Having one on one connections with as many as possible is a tip,” she added.

Also, take  time to learn the organizational culture. Spend time getting to Know your colleagues, the processes they use, and the procedures they follow. This will help you better understand how things work in your company and how best to fit in.

“Our business is big and diverse. With over 60brands and multiple regions. I immersed myself into trade visits. From Edmonton to Calgary to Vancouver to Montreal to Toronto. I’ve spent lots of time in trade, seeing our amazing brands on the shelves, meeting our sales teams across markets, visiting our Breweries,” Adedeji said.

Have opinions on how to take the business forward

When it comes to making an impact at your new job, initiative is key. You will be required to show that you are willing to take charge by leading projects or coming up with creative solutions to any issues that come up. 

“This is key, you can’t be a rookie forever,” Adedeji pointed out, adding that at this time, it is expected that you would have some perspective, ideas, and already be integrated into the company’s operations.

This shows that you are a proactive leader who is always looking out for the best interests of the company – which will be greatly appreciated by your colleagues. You will also be required to complete all tasks efficiently and on time, and go beyond expectations when possible by finding innovative ways to improve existing processes or putting forth new ideas on how to take the business forward. 

Deliver current plan

Once you have some ideas, create a game plan for how to reach those goals.

“In a new role, I never set out to change anything in the first few months. Focus is to keep the team energized on delivering the game plan,” Adedeji revealed.

These goals will give you the motivation you need to help keep your team energized on delivering a game plan for success. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek clarification on any expectations or responsibilities that may not be immediately clear. This will ensure that everyone has a shared understanding of the tasks at hand, which will help set everyone up for success.

“Smart people before me have built the plans so at this stage, be the faithful soldier and execute. But do it excellently. It is great to see our strategy coming to live and results starting to flow. Of course, there is pressure to prove one’s self , bring a new idea! Solve a big challenge!  Relax, give yourself a break and take the time to learn. Get used to feeling out of control , for a few weeks,” she advised.

Adedeji notes that by taking these steps before jumping into your new job role, you can ensure that you have everything in order before starting your new position.


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