Wunderman Thompson bags first-ever Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Saudi Arabia

By Zion Rufus

In a groundbreaking showcase of innovation and creativity in the realm of online and offline commerce, the Creative Commerce Lions celebrated the most exceptional entries that redefined payment solutions and transactional journeys.

Among the 467 remarkable submissions, HungerStation’s ‘The Subconscious Order’ emerged victorious, claiming the prestigious Grand Prix award. 

At the heart of this award-winning campaign lies ‘Find My Craving,’ a pioneering initiative that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to decipher the subconscious desires of users and deliver precisely what they crave. 

Developed by Wunderman Thompson in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this revolutionary food delivery service seamlessly integrates the power of the subconscious mind to redefine the way users order food online.

Collaborating with its Global Creative Data Team, Wunderman Thompson Riyadh and HungerStation embarked on a journey to revolutionize the online food ordering experience.

Using advanced AI technology, the campaign introduces users to a captivating array of HungerStation’s delectable dishes, carefully curated and loaded onto their screens. 

The system then analyzes eye-tracking data to identify the meals that effortlessly capture attention, providing invaluable insights into the user’s subconscious preferences. The result is an immersive and personalized ordering experience that seamlessly connects individuals with their desired cuisine.

The Creative Commerce Lions Jury, Nancy Crimi-Lamanna, Chief Creative Officer at FCB, Canada, expressed, “Some work brilliantly showed us what is possible today in creative commerce, but this idea showed us what is possible tomorrow. It sets a new standard for commerce and shows the way forward in how brands can remove pain points in a moment of purchase while adding meaningful value to it. We hope that this work shows what can happen when brands get the value exchange right for their customers and use fresh creativity to drive engagement.”

With ‘The Subconscious Order,’ HungerStation pioneers a new era of convenience and customer-centricity in the food delivery industry. By leveraging AI and innovative data analysis techniques, the platform eliminates the hassle of decision-making, empowering users to effortlessly discover and indulge in their cravings with a few simple clicks.

HungerStation’s visionary approach to creative commerce resonates deeply with the ever-evolving consumer landscape. By removing purchase barriers and elevating the value exchange, the platform offers a glimpse into the future possibilities of brand engagement. It showcases how technology can transcend the transactional nature of commerce, embracing fresh creativity and fostering meaningful connections with customers.

The success of this groundbreaking campaign underscores the profound impact that AI can have on enhancing customer experiences, emphasizing the importance of striking the right balance between innovation, convenience, and personalization.


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