We aspire to be number one Edutech provider in Nigeria – Ibironke Adegboyega

Nexcel Marketing, in its drive to raise the next generation innovators and creative geniuses in  Science  Technology  Engineering and Mathematics, (STEM), has reiterated its commitment  to be the leading Edutech company in Nigeria with her world class Virtual Reality for Education products which addresses the need of educators and students.

This was disclosed by the Business Manager of Nexcel Marketing, Ibironke Adegboyega, while speaking in an exclusive interview with Marketing Edge. Mrs. Adegboyega stated that, her company partners exclusively with Veative Labs to enable active experiential learning in classrooms and homes beyond the regular passive traditional way of learning.

Speaking on the outcome of Nexcel’s partnership with Veative, she said the initiative was concluded in 2019 to address the perennial challenges faced by educators in the classroom setting either offline or online.

“When Covid-19 pandemic came, it was a good time to show that we are resilient as Nigerians, so most schools in Nigeria understood the need to leverage technology to connect with their students, even schools who did not believe in internet or learning online before,   had no choice but to invest in technologies that will enable them relate with their students at home. Our VR solutions couldn’t have come at a better time “

The brand and marketing strategist said, “With the unique VR for Education product that we have, we want to help the learners and educators move from the passive way of learning or teaching to the active immersive way of learning; to help bridge the gap between knowledge and understanding of tough abstract concepts and create more excitement in children’s desire to learn.”

As an educational enthusiast who believes in growth,  and positive development, the Business Manager  said her years of experience has helped her to understand the challenges faced by educators and students and this knowledge is greatly applied in the Edutech product development and positioning to help students move from ground zero to whatever height that they want to get to. She said that there are indeed limitless possibilities in the virtual reality space.

Providing further insights on the company’s offerings, she said, “Currently, we have two products. We have the Edupro VR headsets and we also have the web-based one which means that for children who cannot afford to buy the Edupro VR head-set, they can get to use the WebXR, which is web-based.

According to her,  schools acquire the license to have access to the same content on the headset in the WebXR and share login access to their students. She noted that the WebXR is accessible on a laptop or a desktop.

She added that they also have amazing features such as the Virtual Tours where “children will be here in Nigeria with the headset on, and they can go to countries like France, and they can be at Eiffel Tower in Paris and experience the Eiffel Tower and then go to The United States to visit The statue of liberty as well as climb on all the floors of the statue of liberty, They can also go to the Great Walls of China and have an amazing time there…”

Describing it as  a brilliant piece, she said with the Edupro headset, you have it all at once, and then with the WebXR it is a pay-as-you-go  service like a subscription, so the schools pay for it each session. Either of the options makes learning fun, desirable and impactful.

She confirmed that schools are already signing up to the Edupro VR and WebXR solutions to overcome the challenges of low knowledge retention and classroom boredom that was hitherto experienced by their students. Now there’s more excitement and motivation to learn amongst their students because of the VR immersive technology.

According to her, organisations, brands, schools and consultants   are supporting the awesome idea and it’s been very encouraging.


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