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Spazio Ideale, a distinguished multi-disciplinary interior design firm, is at the forefront of transforming spaces with a mission to connect people to their environments through exceptional design and execution. Specializing in comprehensive interior design, consultancy services, and turnkey installations, Spazio Ideale has become synonymous with purposeful, timeless, and sustainable design across Corporate, Hospitality, Residential, Retail, and Education sectors.

Connecting People to Spaces:

At Spazio Ideale, the philosophy goes beyond creating visually appealing spaces. The firm is dedicated to improving lives by understanding how people want and need to live and function in their spaces. Every project undertaken by Spazio Ideale focuses on connecting people to their environments, ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Diverse Portfolio of Successful Projects:

Spazio Ideale has left an indelible mark in the interior design landscape, having successfully completed projects for esteemed clients such as Ernst & Young (EY), Fourpoints by Sheraton, Paystack (Old & New HQ), Moniepoint, Kuda MFB, ULesson, Reliance HMO, Branch International, Heritage Bank, Sterling Bank, SoFresh,, ALTSchool, Techpoint, and more. These reputable firms trust Spazio Ideale to craft spaces that authentically tell their stories and reflect their visions.

Rooted in Purposeful, Timeless, and Sustainable Design:

The design philosophy of Spazio Ideale is deeply rooted in purposeful, timeless, and sustainable design. Beyond aesthetics, the firm understands the significance of creating spaces that stand the test of time and contribute positively to the environment.

Comprehensive Design Services:

Spazio Ideale offers a wide array of design services, including Schematic Design, Budgeting, Project Management, Space Planning, Interior Design Development & Documentation, Furniture Finishes and Fixes Selection (FF&E), Art and Accessories Selection and Installation, Custom Millwork and Bespoke Furnishings, Procurement Management, Installation, and more.

Global Presence:

Operating in key locations across the globe, including Lagos, Dubai, and Johannesburg, Spazio Ideale brings a global perspective to its projects. The firm’s diverse footprint enables the incorporation of influences from different cultures, enriching the design experience for clients.


Learn More About Spazio Ideale:

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About Spazio Ideale:
Spazio Ideale is a multi-disciplinary interior design firm that specializes in comprehensive interior design, consultancy services, and turnkey installations. With a commitment to purposeful, timeless, and sustainable design, Spazio Ideale connects people to spaces, creating memorable experiences that exceed expectations.


Spazio Ideale is a beneficiary of the 2023 Nimbus Aid Project



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