Some notable brands that partnered with “Barbie Movie” campaign and how they collaborated

By Oluwaseyi Lawal

Enthusiasm for the Barbie movie and the prevailing  core trend has peaked following the release of the film in July.

Several brands and businesses, even non-movie related brands discreetly introduced collections of pink yoga wears and rose-pink travel bags, aligning with the Barbie aesthetic.

The partnership between the studio and the toy company had resulted in collaborations with clothing brands, haircare companies, and more, all incorporating Barbie’s signature color into their products. The Copyright Office registered over 2,000 works related to Barbie, including dolls, games, and movie songs.

Numerous collaborations include edible products, hinting at the possibility of indulging in pink food this summer.

Here are some notable brands that partnered with the Barbie campaign and how they leveraged the collaboration:

Barbie Airbnb:

To celebrate the Barbie movie, the Malibu DreamHouse returned. This spacious residence, associated with Barbie, offered views of the Pacific Ocean and featured her distinctive pink hue throughout.

Aldo Shoes:
Aldo introduced a limited-edition line of shoes, handbags, and accessories to honor the fashion doll. The collection features sparkles and gems in various shades of pink, with items like a gem-adorned pastel pink stiletto and a Y2K-inspired transparent handbag.

Crocs launched a collection inspired by Barbie, featuring shades of pink and the standout Barbie The Movie Mega Crush Clog. The collection included Barbie-themed Jibbitz accessories tailored to each clog design.

Burger King:
Burger King Brazil introduced a movie-inspired combo with a Pink Burger, Ken’s Potato, and Barbie’s ShakeTM featuring a pink iced Donut.

Xbox incorporated Barbie’s DreamHouse and fashion sense into their gaming setup, offering SCUF Instinct Custom Controller faceplates that mirror Barbie and Ken’s outfits.

NYX Cosmetics:
NYX Cosmetics created a makeup collection inspired by Barbie, featuring pink and brown eyeshadow palettes and mini lip gloss shades.

Opi Nail polish:
Opi introduced nail polish colors inspired by the Barbie movie, with shades like blues, pinks, and glitters.

Pinkberry collaborated with Barbie to introduce the Barbie Land Berry Pink frozen yogurt flavor, combining Strawberry and Dragon Fruit yogurt with Dream Sprinkles.

Krispy Kreme:
Krispy Kreme offered special Barbie doughnuts in sparkling pink and blue with pink sprinkles, as well as a Cotton Candy Chilled option.

Zara partnered with Barbie for the Zara x Barbie collection, featuring Barbie’s iconic pink outfit and a white cowboy hat. The collection also includes options for those who wish to embody their version of Ken to Barbie.


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