Season 2 episode 4 of ‘Created for Creatives’ a podcast by london international awards: ‘The advantage of creativity in business’

As businesses continue to develop and change in how they connect to customers, creativity is still the advantage that the advertising industry has in meeting customers and creating excitement around campaigns.

Host Chris Smith was joined by London International Awards 2023 Jurors, Sabaa Quao and Matty Burton. Sabaa was on the inaugural Creativity in Business to Business (B2B) jury and while the category may sound basic, there’s nothing basic about the work he saw on the jury, as it’s exciting to set the bar for a new category. Sabaa told Chris that even when you’re selling business to business, you’re still selling to a human, so clever and innovative storytelling using creativity is still a major factor in what’s going to cut through.

Sabaa commented, “I’m constantly saying to creative people nothing happens until someone creative comes up with something, so it doesn’t matter, whether we are talking about advertising and marketing, whether it’s chemistry or healthcare, or product development in different fields, you’re still going to need creative people.” He continues to say, “I love saying to investment bankers just remember you have nothing to invest in until we come up with something, so creative people have to take themselves much more seriously, because when we talk about the complexity of the world and who’s equipped, nimble and agile when thinking through a lot of complex situations we take it for-granted and we shouldn’t. That is the very skill that is needed to solve a lot of the complex things that society or politics or government is dealing with.”

And all the way from Aotearoa/New Zealand, Matty Burton joined LIA’s 2023 Digital and Use of Social Media and Influencers jury. Matty seconded Sabaa’s call on creativity and says it’s exciting to see the industry changing in real time. He says social media’s evolving, but reminds us that businesses and content creators still need to go beyond basic use of a platform to  push, prompt and use it in new ways that challenge our basic understanding of social media and content.

Both Sabaa and Matty discussed trends and highlighted some excellent pieces of work they felt met the criteria. 

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