Ronan Redmond: The making of a Media Personality of The Year

By Zion Rufus 

Ronan Redmond, the Commercial Director at TVC Communications, has been duly recognized for his exceptional contributions to the Nigerian media advertising landscape. He was bestowed with the prestigious title of Outstanding Media Personality of the Year 2023 at the Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MIPAN) President’s Dinner 2023, affirming his significant impact on the industry.

The latest award for the iconic media advertising guru is coming on the heels of an earlier recognition by MARKETING EDGE, a leading marketing and advertising magazine which had two years ago, honoured the Commercial Director as the “Most Outstanding Media Personality of the Year”.

No doubt, these two awards by major industry stake- holders confirms the leadership roles that the TVC Director has been playing in the competitive and highly fragmented Nigerian media market since he arrived Nigeria almost 8 years ago.

Ronan brings a wealth of experience from commercial leadership roles across major global names in the media and entertainment sector, from Dublin and London to Prague and, currently, Lagos.

His arrival in Nigeria marked the beginning of a transformative journey aimed at uplifting the local media advertising market which he believes holds huge revenue potentials in all aspects and ramifications.

Redmond’s advocacy for best practices and innovation has resonated within the advertising community, as he has actively championed robust market data, the implementation of new audience measurement surveys, the integration of ad tech, and the optimization of hybrid working weeks.

Beyond the daily responsibilities of his role at TVC Communications, Redmond has committed himself to raising industry standards.

His overarching goal is to stimulate the growth of the Nigerian advertising market and garner legislative support for the sector’s overall benefit as he envisions a robust advertising sector contributing significantly to Nigeria’s GDP, providing a viable alternative to the nation’s traditional reliance on the Oil and Gas sector.

When the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) announced its intention to establish committees focused on promoting Nigeria as a brand and evaluating the true worth of the country’s advertising market, Redmond applauded the initiative.

He expressed particular satisfaction with the establishment of the “GDP Multiplier Committee,” designed to assess industry spending, contribution to GDP, and the multiplier effect of advertising spend on the broader Nigerian economy.

It would be recalled that his quest to help the advertising community navigate its way through the preponderant of data inaccuracy and dearth of knowledge made him to research into the sector and came up with a reference paper he presented at the 2022 ARCON conference in Abuja.

The seasoned media practitioner, Ronan Redmond had delivered a keynote address at the ARCON event which touched the heart of the sector, advocating for clear communication of the direct and indirect benefits of advertising spend on the Nigerian economy.

His optimism stemmed from his belief in the power of a comprehensive study, similar to the Deloitte report on “The Economic Contribution of Advertising in Europe,” to unlock the multiplier effect in the Nigerian advertising industry, emphasizing to all that understanding this multiplier effect is crucial for convincing policymakers of the sector’s importance, thereby securing continued support and investment while unlocking significant economic benefits.

The recent National Advertising Conference, organized by the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON), provided a platform for continued discussion on the GDP Multiplier Effect, elevating the Nigerian brand internationally, and exploring the GDP and economic contributions of the advertising sector. Advertisers and manufacturing companies actively participated in the discussions, underlining the industry’s role in driving economic growth.

Another key milestone in Redmond’s mission to boost the profile of the Nigerian advertising market has been his constant and consistent engagements with major advertisers and corporate institutions in appreciating the importance and essence of media advertising.

At TVC where he holds sway, he has worked actively in conjunction with his boss and friend, Mr Andrew Hanlon alongside other top management to tripple revenue generation of the leading broadcast station to the joys and admiration of the investors.

He has continued to promote and support initiatives aimed at boosting the expansion of marketing and advertising knowledge across industries. Ronan is not just a media personality; he is a regular writer on national and international media matters, further establishing his presence as a thought leader.

His role as a keynote speaker at several industry conferences and workshops reinforces his dedication to shaping the Nigerian media advertising narrative and driving positive change for all stake- holders.

Today, the expatriate remains one of the most sought after media marven who has impacted tremendously on the Nigerian media advertising sector.

It is perhaps in recognition of these and many more that MIPAN, the umbrella body for all registered media independent agencies in Nigeria unanimously crowned the ” home- boy” Outstanding Media Personality of the Year.

For Ronan, this award is just a challenge and a wake up call to do more. Reacting to the award, Ronan Redmond said.; “I am humbled to receive this recognition and award from MIPAN. I remain committed to work alongside all the stakeholders in raising the profile of the Nigeria advertising industry and demonstrating the positive impact the sector has on the wider Nigeria economy. Now more than ever, we in the industry need government support to ensure we can continue to invest in the very best talent and work tools to grow in line with international best practices. This is the very least that local and multinational advertisers expect from us”


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