Ronan Redmond steps down as commercial director of TVC, recounts success of Seven Years

As Ronan Redmond, Commercial Director of TVC steps down from his exalted position end of April, the renowned international media icon has described as successful and eventful the seven years he has served in the award- wining media group.

Recall that the board of TVC Communications, owners of TVC News, TVC Entertainment channel, Max FM and Adaba FM, had earlier revealed that its Commercial Director, Mr Ronan Redmond, will be stepping down, effective from 30th April, after seven years of achieving huge commercial growth for the organization.
Renowned for his significant contributions to the Nigerian advertising industry, Redmond departs from TVC Communications with a remarkable legacy and impressive records of outstanding performances.

Speaking on his imminent exit, Mr Ronan Redmond said, “I am incredibly proud of the work carried out, along with my colleagues, at TVC Communications as we turned the company into one of the leading commercial broadcasters in Nigeria. I am confident the team is equipped to take the commercial business to the next level.”

“Despite the present economic challenges, I remain steadfast in my belief that the Nigeria media and entertainment sector is an area of real potential and that with proper Government support can be a viable contributor to GDP and diminish a reliance on oil. It is my intention to continue to support the Nigeria media and entertainment stakeholders in their pursuit of growth.”

“I want to thank everyone I have met in my role at TVC Communications for making the past seven years so successful and I look forward to us doing business again in the near future.”

Key industry figures have also applauded the media tzar, Mr. Ronan Redmond’s substantial influence on TVC Communications and the broader Nigerian media and entertainment sector through tributes following his announcement.They noted that his dedication to the media industry is widely acknowledged, and his efforts to introduce novel advertising solutions on behalf of brand advertisers in the Nigerian market have been commended by sector leaders.

Paying tribute to Mr Ronan Redmond, Mr Andrew Hanlon, CEO of TVC Communications said, “I wish to pay special tribute to Mr Ronan Redmond, our commercial director, who will step down on April 30th, after serving with us since 2017. He is, without question, one of the best strategic media revenue specialists in our sector and I am grateful to him for producing outstanding revenue results every year and for his support to me personally”

Similarly, Mr Yinka Adebayo, Group Executive Director, Omnicom Media Group West and Central Africa stated, “For me, having a good relationship with a man of Ronan’s caliber was given after our first meeting. I could immediately sense a man of immense experience & value who is suitably placed to support us in achieving most of our clients’ campaign objectives and change the narrative in the media space.”

“He is very receptive to new & collaborative ideas geared towards delivering value to Clients. Ronan is not only hands-on; he walks the talk and always strive towards a win-win relationship across board. His desire & ever-ready posture to contribute to the development & growth of the Marketing Communications Industry in Nigeria is worthy of note & commendation.”

“Interestingly, Ronan sees in us the positives that many of us do not see in ourselves. Without doubt, Ronan remains an asset to the Organization he works for and the industry at large.”

In the same vein , the President of the Media Independent Practitioners of Nigeria (MIPAN), Mr Femi Adelusi, described Mr Redmond’s arrival in Nigeria as the “beginning of a transformative journey aimed at uplifting the local media advertising market which he believes holds huge revenue potential.”

He further mentioned that “His advocacy for best practices and innovation has resonated within the advertising community, as he has actively championed robust market data, the implementation of new audience measurement surveys, the integration of ad tech and the optimization of hybrid working weeks.”

“Another key milestone in Ronan’s mission to boost the profile of the Nigerian advertising market has been his constant and consistent engagements with major advertisers and corporate institutions in appreciating the importance and essence of media advertising. It is in recognition of his professionalism and passion for the Nigeria advertising industry that MIPAN the umbrella body for all registered media independent agencies in Nigeria, last December, awarded him the “Outstanding Media Partner of the Year.”

In addition to his achievements in commercial endeavors at TVC Communications, Ronan actively collaborated with sectoral organizations to expand the scope of the Nigerian advertising market and enhance the sector’s visibility to the government. He frequently participates as a speaker at industry conferences and provides insights into the local and international media and entertainment industry through media contributions.


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