PR Firm Develops Strategies to Combat Dearth of Manpower

A public relations firm, Compact Communications Limited, has developed strategies to keep its staff and plant itself on the path of growth.

Its Managing Director, Mr. Chuddy Oduenyi, in an interview with MARKETING EDGE said while other organizations and the IMC industry at large were complaining about dearth of manpower, the company was currently experiencing profitability and growth.

Oduenyi pointed out that the various strategies deployed by the organization included training and retraining of its staff to be well grounded in the art of PR adding that the experience sharing sessions involved people sharing experiences about their work life.

According to him, one of the remarkable avenues used by the organization to galvanize growth and motivate its staff is the experience sharing session and it holds every last Friday of the month.

He said, “What we do is that every last Friday of the month, people come to share a major experience in their work life. I can stand up and tell my story about the efforts in my career as a way of inspiring the younger people and also let them know that I did not set out to become what I am today in one day.

“I made up my mind on where I wanted to go and I started working at that tenaciously to get there. Thus, we share experiences and encourage them to know that one can always become what one wants to be and the only thing is that one has to work harder to get there.

”The younger practitioners who are new in the PR profession can share experiences gotten from the older ones which they can identify and relate with. It is just to make people share experiences that will motivate them to work harder.”

Commenting on training and retention strategies, Oduenyi said, “We do training for our staff. A lot of people don’t train and immediately you finish training, they poach your staff. But that has not stopped us because in our recruitment system, we take people from different backgrounds and fields. We take people from Mathematics, Psychology and so on.  We are not restricted to Mass Communication and we train them over time.

“We also work on our retention strategy to offer growth and bright prospect to our staff and we are happy to note that they are quite a number of people that have been with us over the years even after been trained.”


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