Beehive School celebrates 37 years of excellence in education: Nurturing minds, shaping futures

Beehive School, a beacon of quality education, proudly marks its 37th anniversary as an esteemed private co-educational crèche, nursery, and primary school. Since its founding in 1986 by Ms. Latifat Dosunmu, a British-trained seasoned and passionate educationist, Beehive School has been dedicated to building and shaping the destinies of children in an ideal learning environment.

Legacy of Distinction:

In its 37 years of existence, Beehive School has maintained a legacy of distinction, experienced multi-generational leadership while remaining steadfast in its commitment to providing a solid, balanced, and sustainable education. The school’s vision is centered on effectively equipping pupils academically and morally for a successful future.

Campus Overview:

Situated on a vast expanse of land in Ikeja, Lagos, Beehive School provides a serene environment conducive to learning. The campus encompasses the Primary and Nursery sections, a crèche, Library, Music, ICT, Science, and Art rooms. The Administrative building houses offices, a tuck shop, and a book shop. Outdoor areas include a nursery playground, primary playground, a large school hall, and a standard-sized field for athletics and sports.

Unique Curriculum Approach:

Beehive School implements the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum in the Nursery school, using hands-on activities to ignite critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In the Primary school, a unique curriculum blend of the Nigerian and British Curricular captures the rigor of the Nigerian curriculum and the child-centered learning style of the British curriculum.

Holistic Development through Extra-curricular Activities:

Beyond academic excellence, Beehive School offers a wide array of extra-curricular activities, including Music, Craft, STEAM club, Taekwondo, Ballet, Red Cross, Chess, Football, and more. Pupils not only excel academically but also develop essential attributes for self-actualization and fulfillment in the future.

International Recognition and Partnerships:

Beehive School has been recognized with the International School award by the British Council multiple times. The school has forged beneficial partnerships with institutions worldwide, such as The African Leadership Academy, South Africa, providing a broad and innovative learning environment.

Inclusive Education and Special Education Needs:

Beehive School proudly runs an inclusive school with a thriving Special Education Needs department, offering services for students living with developmental delays, specifically autism. The school emphasizes early intervention, empowering pupils through a compassionate environment where providers and parents collaborate in care and advocacy.

Join the Celebration:

Beehive School invites the community to celebrate 37 years of educational excellence. The strength of the school lies in its dedicated, highly qualified and trained core staff, as well as a vibrant and effective partnership with parents and other stakeholders.

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About Beehive School:

Beehive School is a private co-educational crèche, nursery, and primary school founded in 1986 by Ms. Latifat Dosunmu. With a commitment to excellence, the school provides a holistic and sustainable education for children in a conducive learning environment.

Beehive School is a beneficiary of the 2023 Nimbus Aid Project



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