NIMN signs strategic partnership with LBS to promote thought leadership

By Felicia Nwosu

The National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) has signed a strategic partnership with the Lagos Business School (LBS) as part of its plan to promote thought leadership, professional ethics as well as foster capacity building that will improve the marketability of its professionals.

This was disclosed by Idorenyen Enang, the president of NIMN, during a press briefing at its secretariat in Lagos. He noted that the partnership will mark a new chapter, raise the bar and help the Institute to reposition for growth.

His words: “Partnering with a notable body that has national relevance such as the LBS, will help reposition and redefine the value proposition of the Institute in promoting professional ethics. It will also boost capacity building and facilitate both local and international certification for its members.”

The president revealed that NIMN is poised to ensure that its members have what it takes to stand on the global map through the signing of various partnerships with concerned stakeholders.

“We are in different spaces and all of that is happening because it is important for us to drive the currency of the now, which is collaboration. Collaboration is the currency of the now and that’s what we are happy about. I look forward to an environment in five years’ time where you are going to see the product of all that we’re doing now. We have strategic partnerships with not just Lagos Business School, but with also Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON). Beyond that, we are in the process of collaborating with the Chatham Islands Marketing of UK and several others,” he said.

Expressing his support towards the partnership, Prof. Uchenna Uzo, a Professor of Marketing and a Faculty Director at Lagos Business School, stated that it will be a symbiotic partnership to both parties.

“In terms of practice of marketing, Lagos Business School is also interested in promoting the practice of responsible management in Africa. So, it makes sense to have this partnership. Looking collectively at the benefits, I think that we have a great opportunity to be a force for change in the area of marketing, not just in Nigeria, but in Africa.

“It is going to have an indirect benefit because by the time we’ve gone about capacity development and opportunity enablement activities for members and non-members of the association, they will take those practices back to their businesses and hopefully bring in innovation that will create value for the economy,” he said.

Nsima Ogedi-Alakwe, the Chief Marketing Officer of LBS, affirmed that the partnership would help in projecting the importance of ethical leadership.

“Many people in Nigeria, I mean around the world, talk about corruption and how this thing is eating deep into the fabric of our economy. But we need to build ethical leaders across all sectors. LBS is built on ethics. Because we believe when you start taking decisions from an ethical point of view, you make the right decisions. Ethics drives sustainability in business, in life, in family life, in everything you do. So, in this partnership we project, in addition to thought leadership, we project ethical leadership,” she noted.


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