Nigeria’s advertising watchdog, ARCON, cracks down on unregistered practitioners with membership register release

By Zion Rufus

In a bid to tackle the persistent challenges of unapproved advertisements, illegal advertising practices, and the infiltration of unregistered individuals masquerading as advertising practitioners, the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) has taken a decisive step by announcing the publication of its membership register and a comprehensive directory of advertising agencies in Nigeria.

The announcement came during a press briefing held on 6th February, 2024, at the Protea Hotels in Ikeja, where Dr. Olalekan Fadolapo, the Director-General of ARCON, expressed concerns about the increasing activities of quacks in the advertising industry. Dr. Fadolapo disclosed that the ongoing membership review exercise would soon be concluded, paving the way for the public release of ARCON’s membership register.

The move is a response to the challenges faced by ARCON in regulating the advertising sector. Unapproved advertisements and the actions of unregistered individuals claiming to be advertising practitioners have been a persistent issue, posing threats to the integrity of the industry. The publication of the membership register aims to enhance transparency, allowing the public to verify the credentials of advertising practitioners and ensuring that only legitimate professionals are engaged in the field.

During the media briefing, the Director-General emphasized the need for a thorough sanitation of the advertising industry. To achieve this, ARCON has initiated a national audit of advertising agencies in accordance with its establishment Act. The audit is a strategic effort to create a robust and beneficial data bank for the Nigerian advertising industry, further strengthening the regulatory framework.

Dr. Fadolapo outlined the process, stating, “ARCON will write to seek all relevant information from stakeholders and ensure that only licensed advertisement agencies are engaged. We have started reaching out to advertisers, both private and public organizations, State Signage Agencies, etc. A directory of advertising agencies in Nigeria will be produced immediately after the completion of the first audit exercise.”

The national audit is poised to bring about a more stringent evaluation of advertising agencies across the country, ensuring that they adhere to the standards set by ARCON. This initiative is not only aimed at safeguarding the interests of the public but also at elevating the overall professionalism and credibility of the advertising sector in Nigeria.

The directory of advertising agencies in Nigeria, a byproduct of the audit exercise, will serve as a valuable resource for businesses, advertisers, and other stakeholders seeking to collaborate with legitimate and qualified advertising professionals. This comprehensive directory will provide detailed information about licensed agencies, their specialties, and contact details, facilitating a more streamlined and trustworthy engagement process within the industry.


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