Nigerian Breweries relaunches Ace Roots, a low-sugar herbal drink with a unique blend of African herbs

Nigerian Breweries, the leading beverage company in Nigeria, has relaunched its product, Ace Roots, a low-sugar herbal alcoholic drink. Under the portfolio of Nigerian Breweries products, it was first launched in 2015, re-entered the market on April 14th through the ‘Big Weekend Experience’ 2.0, providing consumers with an exhilarating and immersive launch experience.

Ace Roots is a low sugar drink that perfectly combines a blend of true African herbs, spices and fruits with a great kick of alcohol. Containing low sugar, easy to drink and filtered to give that refreshing herbal enjoyment, Ace Roots offers all alcoholic beverage drinkers a fine blend of herbal goodness and an accessible taste experience. With this relaunch, Ace Roots has a fresh new look in a 45cl bottle and 50cl can.

The ‘Big Weekend Experience’ which hosted the Ace Roots relaunch, is a highly anticipated event that brings together music, entertainment, and the latest trends. The event is a huge party packed with non-stop entertainment by electrifying music artists. Exciting games and surprises are also major highlights of the event.

Previous editions were held in September and October of 2023 while the first edition of this year was held across major cities like Onitsha, Akure and Warri. This edition, featuring the relaunch of Ace Roots held simultaneously in Lagos and Ibadan on the 14th of April, creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Attendees were among the first to experience the distinctive taste of Ace Roots, as well as engaging in a range of interactive activities and immersive experiences.

In relation to the launch of Ace Roots, the Portfolio Manager, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Sampson Oloche stated that “We are thrilled to introduce Ace Roots to the Nigerian market. This fresh product reflects our commitment to providing consumers with beverages that not only taste great but also offer functional health benefits. Ace Roots is set to redefine the alcoholic beverage landscape in Nigeria.”

“The ‘Big Weekend Experience’ is the perfect platform to re-introduce Ace Roots to our consumers,” added Oloche. “This live event will allow them to discover the unique qualities of Ace Roots and embrace the brand’s commitment to providing a delightful and healthier alcoholic beverage option.”

Ace Roots is now available for purchase at select retailers and distributors across Nigeria.. For more information about Ace Roots and the ‘Big Weekend Experience’, please follow @ace_herbaldrink on Instagram.


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