NAC 2023: ARCON DG charts vision, initiatives for Nigeria’s advertising industry, role in GDP

By Zion Rufus 

Setting the tone for continued collaboration, innovation, and progress within the advertising sector, the National Advertising Conference, which unfolded over three insightful days, concluded on a high note with the Director General of the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) Dr. Olalekan Fadolapo delivering a closing speech that reflected the commitment of the advertising industry to its growth and identity.

A major focal point of the conference was the exploration of the industry’s role in shaping and presenting the brand identity of Nigeria. In his address, the Director General recalled the 2022 conference where the issue of “Brand Nigeria” took center stage. He revealed that as a result of that discussion, ARCON initiated a comprehensive exploration of the advertising industry’s economic relevance.

The commitment to accountability was also a recurring theme in the DG’s speech, as he stressed the need for practitioners to ensure that the agreed-upon initiatives and strategies are effectively implemented. He stated, “I believe strongly that by the time we are done with the communique, they will be passed to us. The management will take a look at it with the help of our sectoral groups. We need to go back to the drawing board because we also want to come back next year and say ‘what we agreed to do, we have been able to deliver on them.”

Speaking further, Fadolapo outlined the steps taken, including the formation of a committee and engagement of internal and external consultants to scrutinize the industry’s contribution to the nation’s GDP, employment, and wealth creation.

The DG also emphasized the importance of understanding the size and impact of the industry, indicating that this year’s conference would present the findings on the advertising industry’s economic contribution to the nation; disclosing that practitioners, through collaborative efforts, were actively working on identifying challenges and developing strategies to address them.

He assured attendees that the outcomes of these deliberations would be incorporated into a comprehensive communique. This document, he emphasized, would serve as a roadmap for the industry, guiding its growth and development over the coming year.

The Director General also affirmed that ARCON would continue to learn and evolve, drawing on the insights gained during the conference to become a more effective regulator.

In his closing remarks, Fadolapo re-emphasized the importance of fostering a strong industry that every practitioner and corporate member could take pride in.

He expressed gratitude to all conference participants and hinted at the presentation of the GDP and Brand Nigeria findings to the Minister of Information and National Orientation while concluding with an assurance that the advertising industry, with its newfound strategies and creative initiatives, is poised for a remarkable journey towards growth and distinction.


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