Meet sponsor of MARKETING EDGE Funfest 2021- Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola, Nigeria’s foremost iconic brand and world’s no.1 carbonated soft drink (CSD), was birthed with the vision to refresh the world and make a difference. It partnered with the Nigerian Bottling Company Limited (NBC) to bring this utmost refreshment to the doorstep of every Nigerian since 1953; a partnership that has been rewarding to every party, Coca-Cola Inc., Nigerian bottling Company and the consuming public. The legendary brand has existed in Nigeria for seventy years and a hundred and thirty five years globally. The brand has been at the forefront of unifying divergent views and positions as it’s driven by the purpose of bridging the divide that exists in the society.

Coca-Cola has branded itself all through the years with remarkable core values such as leadership, collaboration, integrity, accountability, excellence, passion, diversity, and quality. For the company to survive and consistently stay at the top globally, it must have exemplified and indeed internalized these qualities and emplaced a strong internal culture that mirrors all these attributes. Having evolved with time, the unmistakable distinct cola taste remains the same. For its loyal consumers, this has always distinguished Coca-Cola from others. Though it began its journey with bottle and can, as a trendy brand that moves with time and taste of consumers, it has embraced the pet-bottle craze among CSDs.

Always caring as a brand, the age-long product represents different things to different people. Coca-Cola is not only a symbol of celebration and entertainment, but it is also a symbol of love, care and social life. There is never a dull moment with Coca – Cola. Its agenda also aims to bring people together by building memories with the brand, to the extent that, when consumers think about Coca-Cola, they think about the red colour, football, music, Christmas and happiness. This is because the leading company has built memories with these epic things/celebrations for the last 70 years and these memories will continue to exist into the digital age as well.

Operating global business on a local scale, Coca-Cola Nigeria through its strategic positioning, has equally stood out as an equitable and resilient brand whose futuristic goal-oriented initiatives have set it apart from other competitive brands. Its deep market penetration into the Nigeria market has made it a market leader, who is still standing strong and has the resilience to maintain its position for a long time to come. Its impressive brand equity has availed over the years to enable it to remain a leading brand in the FMCG segment amidst intense competition.

Loved by the consuming public for its progressive contribution to the development of the society through various corporate social responsibility projects, Coca-Cola has continued to give this aspect of its corporate business more fillip. Corporate social responsibility projects such as supporting the financial inclusion of women and youth in Nigeria through its Special Intervention Programme, support for the fight against Covid-19, promotion and development of talents among the youth and many more will continue to endear the brand to the consumers.

It has also demonstrated its interest in education by supporting and sponsoring students both here in Nigeria and abroad for intensive training on innovative strategic business solutions to keep them abreast with technological skills. So many of these projects have been able to lift many Nigerians out of poverty, by empowering them with soft loans and this has made it a household name among the consumers and non-consumers.

Coca–Cola Nigeria has in its product portfolio leading brands such as Coca‑Cola, Coke Zero, Fanta and Sprite, Eva Water and Five Alive. It has also added the energy drink category to its family with Monster and Predator Gold.


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