Meet MARKETING EDGE’s Lead Speaker @ IMC Quarterly Virtual Summit – Paukstys

Vytautas Paukstys is co-founder and CEO of Eskimi, a mobile-first social network.

With almost two decades of professional experience in mobile, telco, mobile marketing, telemarketing, direct sales, mobile operator marketing, customer acquisition, and mobile payments, Vytautas has served in different capacities as senior product marketing manager, mobile internet product marketing manager, and Internet sector manager across regions including Lithuania and Baltic States.

He is the Founder and CEO of Eskimi DSP, one of the leading global programmatic advertising platforms; before leading this venture, he founded Eskimi Social, one of the pioneering mobile-first communities in Africa and Asia with more than 25M+ users, with the biggest markets in Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia and Vietnam. He further led the growth of Eskimi DSP, bootstrapping it to become a globally competitive programmatic ad platform with more than 1.5B+ profiled users worldwide.

Vytautas who also sits as the CEO of ActiveXT, the offshore IT recruitment wing of Eskimi which provides recruitment, workspace and payroll facilities to European and North American organisations planning to build full-time remote development teams in Asia, is an Investor and founding partner of VERO mobile, a leading mobile payment aggregator in Lithuania and Baltic states.

His contribution to technology and business growth is unvacillating especially in emerging markets, leveraging digital tools through programmatic advertising.

Eskimi is a programmatic and data platform with more than 1.5B+ profiled users worldwide. The platform creates unique audience segments for specific industries like telecoms, FMCGs, mobile phone brands, banking and others. We build geolocation and footfall platforms for retail brands. It also provides a combination of platform and managed creative services to achieve up to 15% engagement rates.


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