Throwback Thursday: Nostalgic candy brands

By Abimbola Mohammed

Growing up, local sweets and snacks are some of the most enjoyed foods in Nigeria. The delicious snacks and sweets are made baked, fried or roasted and are derived from fruits and plants.
Where did our childhood go? That’s one question we keep asking. Kids love their candies, anyone who provides the candy will be showered with love from them.
In our throwback story for this week, we take you back the memory lane of your preferred candy choice while growing up.
TomTom candy was launched in 1970 from the stable of Cadbury Nigeria PLC. It is a big elliptical, black and white candy, with strong menthol flavour. TomTom provides instant relief from congestion and throat soreness while refreshing breath with minty coolness.TomTom
TomTom black & white candy was the only striped candy for several years before the brand introduced TomTom Honey lemon (with white and yellow stripes) and TomTom Strawberry variants (white and red stripes) into the market. Recently, Cadbury introduced the TomTom Fresh lime (white and lemon green stripes), the latest variant of its iconic TomTom candy brand.
K0pik0 is an Indonesian brand of coffee confectioneries originally produced in Indonesia by Takari International, Inc. It is named after the Kopiko coffee bean, found inHawaii. It is made from coffee beans blended to taste real coffee.
Kopiko is made from coffee beans, blended to give real coffee without having to brew. Kopiko Coffee candies are enjoyed in over 80 countries worldwide for a genuine coffee taste sensation anytime, anywhere.
Goody Goody
Goody Goody is another candy 9f note. We can never forget the red wrapper, with gold lines close to the edges and the exquisiteness of the caramel inside it. It was extremely chewy like self-respecting caramel is and absolutely delicious. Remember the line in the middle when you open it?
Is a confectionery currently manufactured by Cadbury and invented by the Birmingham-based confectionery company Taveners in 1932. It was adapted into a Dairy Milk version of Eclairs in 1965. They are available in bags or rolls and can be found in the Cadbury Heroes selection. Eclairs are currently available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Kenya, Hong Kong, South Africa, India, and Pakistan, where they are known as “Dairy Milk Eclairs”. In 2013 Mondelēz International updated the UK ingredients list to add in the inclusion of palm oil in the recipe. In 2013 Cadbury rebranded its product to Choclairs in India.
Choco Milo
These were little cubes of chocolate that used to come in these brown and green striped wrappers and were like jawbreakers. They were impossible to chew. You just had to roll it around in your mouth as it melts and disappears completely. It made a long-lasting snack that way but then it disappeared off the shelves for a long time. When it came back, it had lost that jawbreaking quality that made it so great. It can now be ground to powder and gone in less than two seconds.
Other candies that was common in the 80s & 90s include Milkose Candy, GoGo, Slash, etc




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