Ingenium Communications marks milestone as first Nigerian marketing agency to expand to the UK

Following its remarkable success and penetration of the Ghanaian, Kenyan, and Nigerian markets, Ingenium Communications, a leading Nigerian marketing agency, has expanded into the United Kingdom. This strategic move positions the company as the first Nigerian marketing agency to establish a significant presence in the UK market.

With a track record of success and innovation in the African market and notable leading brands in its portfolio, including KFC, Mara, Flutterwave, Opay, PalmPay, LG, ITV, and LipaLater, Ingenium Communications is poised to bring its expertise and distinctive approach to the dynamic landscape of the United Kingdom.

Unlike many agencies that have expanded into the UK through affiliations with holding groups, Ingenium Communications stands out by making a bold independent move. The agency recognizes the potential for growth and success by charting its own course in a new market.

Mukhtar Oyewo, Head of Growth at Ingenium Communications, expressed his enthusiasm about this expansion, stating, “We are excited to bring Ingenium’s unique perspective and creative solutions to the UK. Our goal is not only to serve the entire UK market but also to facilitate seamless connections between African and UK brands, fostering global collaborations.”

Ingenium Communications (UK) is strategically positioned to cater to the entire UK market, providing innovative marketing and communication solutions. Additionally, the agency aims to be a bridge for African brands looking to establish a presence in the UK and UK brands interested in expanding into the African market.

The company anticipates making a significant impact on the UK marketing landscape as it looks forward to challenging industry norms, fostering creativity, and contributing to the growth and success of brands on an international scale.

About Ingenium Communications:

Ingenium Communications is a renowned marketing agency based in Nigeria, known for its innovative approaches, strategic communication, and successful brand positioning. With a strong commitment to challenging industry norms and fostering creativity, Ingenium Communications is set to make a mark in the United Kingdom.

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