Heineken targets carbon neutrality for full value chain


Heineken has announced its goals to become a carbon neutral operation by 2030, after signing up to the RE100 initiative and Race to Zero campaign.

The brewing giant pledged to have its new emissions goals independently validated by the science-based targets initiative, decarbonise its production by 2030 and its full value chain by 2040, while also delivering on an interim target to cut emissions from its value chain by 30 per cent against a 2018 baseline by 2030 as part of its updated Brew a Better World strategy.

The company said the targets would make Heineken the “first global brewer to aim for carbon neutrality in its full value chain”.

Heineken’s CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, Dolf van den Brink said: “In this decade of action, we are committing to accelerating our actions to address climate change. We aim to be carbon neutral in our production sites by 2030 in order to meet the 1.5C goal set by the Paris Agreement. We will further reduce our emissions through energy efficiency and speed up the transition towards renewable energy.”

The CEO disclosed the company’s intention to ramp up efforts to work with its partners to slash emissions across its supply chain.

He explained: “A large part of our overall carbon footprint beyond production comes from agriculture, packaging, distribution, and cooling. This means we will work in close partnership with our suppliers and partners to reach our ambitious goal of a carbon neutral value chain by 2040. We know that Heineken can only thrive if our planet and our communities thrive.”



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