HASG stakeholders, ARCON resolve to tackle digital/social media regulations issues in new move

The Heads of the Advertising Sectoral Group (HASG) held a meeting with the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) at the ARCON house in Lagos on Tuesday to address the concerns about digital and social media regulations in Nigeria.

The HASG, led by Chairman Dr. Femi Adelusi, along with key figures such as AAAN President Steve Babaeko, BON representative Kenny Ogungbe, EXMAN President Tolu Medebem, BON Executive Secretary Dr. Yemisi Bamgbose, and OAAN President Sola Akinsiku, met with ARCON DG Dr. Lekan Fadolapo and Regulation Director Martha Onyebuchi to address the concerns of advertisers, agencies, content creators, business owners, and stakeholders.

They stressed the importance of ongoing stakeholder engagement regarding digital and social media regulations in Nigeria. Key areas of focus include defining what constitutes advertising on these platforms, addressing challenges related to platform specifics, content classification, the use of stock and AI-generated images, the vetting process, control and tracking mechanisms, enforcement and penalties, and increasing awareness and education across the ecosystem.

The meeting also underscored the potential for the local creative industry to explore opportunities in image bank development, adaptive technology, and other benefits.

The DG reassured stakeholders that the regulations are not intended to inhibit creative marketing processes or related enterprises. Dr. Fadolapo reiterated the commission’s open-door policy and its commitment to engaging stakeholders to find common ground that benefits the practice in today’s fast-paced and dynamic marketing communication and technology environment.

The HASG emphasized the importance of establishing a new Advertising Standards Panel (ASP) to ensure representation of all key stakeholders in the vetting and approval process of advertising and marketing materials.

The DG also confirmed that the commission is working with stakeholders, in accordance with the Advertising Act, to form an active and properly constituted ASP. He noted that some sectors have yet to submit the names and profiles of their representatives to ARCON, but assured the HASG that the process would be finalized within the coming month with the support of all stakeholders.


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