FCCPC launches new TV series to tackle tobacco access, use, among minors

By Oluwaseyi Lawal

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), building on the success of its “Don’t Burn Their Future” campaign, has unveiled a new television series designed to further restrict minors’ access to tobacco products.

The show, named “Faith & Fortune,” emphasizes the Commission’s strong dedication to enforcing the NTCA’s regulations and promoting the health and safety of Nigeria’s youth. The series will premiere on Saturday, June 1, 2024, on DSTV Showcase Channel 151 at 6 pm. This 13-episode drama, featuring a captivating plot, will air every Saturday at 6:00 pm, with repeat episodes on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm.

Commenting on this, Dr. Adamu Abdullahi, Ag. Executive Vice Chairman of FCCPC, said, “The FCCPC is committed to protecting our nation’s youths from the dangers of tobacco addiction, as mandated by the NTCA. With this TV series, we aim to reach young people and older people who have a reasonable amount of influence on their young ones about the health risks associated with tobacco use and empower them to make healthy choices.”

With the serious public health threat posed by tobacco use among minors, the commission acknowledges the need for innovative strategies to tackle this urgent problem. Leveraging the reach of television, the FCCPC aims to engage a wide audience in important discussions about the dangers of underage tobacco use.

Featuring a talented cast and their outstanding performances, the TV series is designed to resonate with teenagers and young adults. It will tackle critical topics such as the addictive nature of tobacco products, the harmful health effects of tobacco use, and ways to resist peer pressure to use tobacco.

This new TV series marks a pivotal step in the FCCPC’s mission to foster a tobacco-free generation. By utilizing the power of media and storytelling, the commission seeks to educate, inspire, and empower people to make informed decisions about tobacco use.

Through engaging stories, real-life testimonies, and expert advice, the series will illuminate the detrimental effects of tobacco on young people, while also offering resources and support for those seeking help.
Initiatives like the FCCPC’s TV series are vital in influencing societal attitudes and promoting behavioral change regarding tobacco use. By increasing awareness and encouraging discussion, these efforts help to reduce tobacco-related harm and foster healthier communities.

The FCCPC urges individuals, families, educators, and policymakers to collaborate in spreading awareness about the dangers of tobacco use and preventing a new generation from becoming addicted.

Currently, the FCCPC also runs radio ads, TV commercials, and outdoor advertisements to reinforce its message of discouraging underage access to and use of tobacco products.


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