Facebook bows, pays $229, 643 fines to Russia

Facebook has paid the fine imposed by the Russian authorities for failing to delete content Moscow deems illegal even. The payment of $229,643 which is the dollar equivalent of 17 million roubles may not be the end of the social media giant troubles in that country as the Interfax news agency reported on Sunday, the threat of a potentially larger fine looming.

Recall that Russia, in October, sent state bailiffs to enforce the collection of 17 million roubles in fines imposed on Facebook. Interfax said there were no more enforcement proceedings against the company as of Sunday, citing the federal bailiff service’s database.

This may however not be the end of the row between the tech company and the Russian authorities. Facebook’s parent, Meta, along with Alphabet’s Google, faces a court case next week for suspected repeated violations of Russian legislation on content and could be fined a percentage of its annual revenue in Russia.

Moscow has increased pressure on large tech firms this year in a campaign that critics characterise as an attempt by the Russian authorities to exert tighter control over the internet, something they say threatens to stifle individual and corporate freedom.

Telegram, the messaging app, is another large tech firm that have fallen victim of Russia’s crackdown in recent times having had to pay 15 million roubles in fines.


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