Experts reiterate essence of collaboration in Nigeria’s marketing communications industry

By Zion Rufus

Nigeria’s marketing and advertising professionals have yet again reiterated the importance of collaboration as they canvass for cooperation in the marketing communications industry. 

For years, diverse channels have been explored by practitioners to revitalize the industry. However, one of the major strategies they have identified as a lasting solution is collaboration. 

“Collaboration should be structured and continuous,” said Acting President, Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria(ADVAN), Bunmi Adeniba.  

 “With clear guidelines and objectives, this will provide one of the strongest and fastest paths to progress the industry needs. One of our payoffs at ADVAN is ‘together we can do more’. I honestly believe this captures the very essence of collaboration at industry level, all stakeholders bring their own specific value to the table,” she stated, in an interview publicized by the sectoral group.

On his part, President of the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN) and CEO X3M Ideas, Mr. Steve Babaeko canvassed for mergers and acquisitions amongst creative agencies.

The President had buttressed the need for cooperation while giving his welcome speech at the AAAN 48th Annual General Meeting and Congress which held in July, 2021.

While commending members of the association who have embraced collaboration as a way of further enhancing business opportunities and growth, Babaeko, citing a notable paradigm said: “Take for example the SPV team of DDB, TBWA and YBR working together for more than 3 years on one of the big Telco businesses in the country. I believe we need to have a special session where they hopefully can share some of the key learnings of such unprecedented partnership with us all. Indeed our industry is crying for more of that kind of mutually beneficial relationship.”

Furthering his point, he asked: “The economic headwinds that informed that brilliant collaboration are blowing us in the face right now. The big question is: are we brave enough to seize the opportunity it presents us?”

Of similar opinion is MD/Chief Creative Officer Noah’s Ark, Lanre Adisa who spoke at the recently concluded Lagos Advertising and Ideas Festival (LAIF) Awards 2021.

“There’s a whole lot more we can do, and we have a big role to play,” Adisa said.

“This year we are not just talking to ourselves, we are talking to everyone in the outside world as well, everybody in the creative business; there is a need for us to do more for our operation, talking to one another, and opening up to other aspects and opportunities of our industry,” the adman urged.

For years, stakeholders and advertising practitioners have deliberated on the importance of collaboration and the imperatives of mergers and acquisition in the advertising industry in Nigeria. Mergers and acquisition in the ad ecosystem is widely considered as a strategic tool for strengthening brand equity.



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